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Thread: Which one should I carry when I get my permit?

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    Just a comment, not a personal attack.

    Quote Originally Posted by wuzfuz View Post

    I saw the van the Tyson gang tried running our roadblock in and saw the dimples made by our ammo. (Halt, or I'll scratch up your paint.")

    Right now, I carry a Springfield Armory XD-45with a spare mag, for 27 rounds of ammo, in the event of a serious social engagement. I am hoping to replace it soon with the XDM-40, with the 3.8-inch match barrel. It will fit the holster I wear now, and will be easier to conceal, while still giving me the punch I will need if someone needs to be shot. Good luck, and let us know what you decide to carry.
    Just a general observational comment of 4 decades experience; not trying to be a smart alek.

    "Concealed carry -self defense" probably won't necessitate shooting holes in vehicles. I might suggest that that situation might be reeeeally difficult to defend yourself in court.

    Self defense generally necessitates your maximum effort to remove yourself from a confrontational experience. Also, it gets pretty difficult to prove self defense beyond 15 feet or shooting through cars.
    If you live to get to court, you don't want some prosecuter to subpoena your "friend" and make him sound like you are some "cowboy" that was looking for a fight, do you?

    Having shot all types of .45, 40, and 9mm through newer (thinner) car doors and windshields,,,,,,,, they are not anywhere near as lethal as 98% of the people perceive them to be. IMO unless you are not shooting through side glass, you are pretty much wasting your "exotic-magic-bullet" handgun ammo. Cars are a tactical rifle target.

    IMO a self defense situation of multiple assailants will limit you to 2 maybe 3 BGs being hit, at which point you will be a loser also. TIME will not permit you to get off more than 4-5 rounds in a multiple BG situation. Carry 25-52 handgun rounds? mmmmmmmmm. Maybe an M-4 is required.

    This ain't the movies.
    An eyeball hit with a 22 is better than a miss with a 44 magnum.
    You may quote me.

    Thank you to everyone for your excellent input on this board.
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