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    Issc austria

    Hi Guys & Gals.

    Who knows anything about the products made by this company?

    Thanks, Larry

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    ISSC M22 22 cal

    Out of the box I knew right away I liked the feel of the M22. The weight of the M22 was balanced and the stock grip and its divided finger sections fit my hand perfectly. I could toggle with my thumb the safety action and slide release & magazine release without an issue.

    The M22 comes stock with a FULL Weaver rail vs. Glock, which only has 1 notch in their rail and an adjustable rear sight for training purposes. Basically it’s a 22 cal Glock 17 (same size overall) training clone. I feel they did a really nice job with regards to the polymer frame and action as well as iron sights.

    It has a single stack 10 round magazine and a large magazine well. The slide release, magazine release, & takedown lever are similar in style to the Glock. The biggest difference is that the M22 is a single action only pistol. The most obvious difference to a Glock is that it has a hammer & safety/decocker. Other safety features it has are: a magazine safety which will not allow the chambered round to fire with clip removed and a drop safety (firing pin safety) which is only disengaged when the trigger is pulled. If, after a fall, the hammer was released, then the firing pin would not be activated. It also has an integrated trigger lock.

    What I really liked is that it has an adjustable rear site with Glock type U shape notch as well as a larger front sight but similar in style to the Glock 17.

    After inspection was over, I took it to the range and tested it. The loading of the ten-shot magazine was easy. The magazine spring worked well and didn’t need to be beat in to load easily like other cheaper .22LR.

    Those wide white sights allowed me to group nicely on the first few shots. Double & triple tapping was a breeze due to the M22 4 Lb trigger pull. The recoil was the same as all .22LR, nothing major. I shot another 12 magazines through it and each time grouping got tighter. One big observation: I did not have a single misfire or jam whatsoever. I was firing CCI Mini-Mags & Remington Thunderbolts.

    Overall I was impressed with the Austrian engineering and attentiveness to detail in its design. The level of safety in all the components and the relatively low cost of 22LR ammo make this gun a great buy for economical target practice and training.

    Technical data
    Caliber .22LR
    Capacity 10 rounds.
    Action Single Action
    Trigger weight 4 lbs.
    Trigger travel 0.16 in.
    Overall length 7.00 in.
    Overall height 4.80 in.
    Overall width 1.00 in.
    Barrel length 4.00 in.
    Sight length 5.50 in.
    Weight (W/O magazine) 21.4 ozs.
    Weight empty magazine 2.7 ozs.
    My gun is like an adult diaper, I wear it daily & no one has to know, until the day "crap happens"

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    Quote Originally Posted by cabrera View Post
    Other safety features it has are: a magazine safety which will not allow the chambered round to fire with clip removed...
    The ISSC M22 does not use a "clip" to feed ammunition, it uses a detachable magazine.

    I have looked at this pistol at a gunshop, the single action design was the main deal breaker for me. If I want a Glock clone, it should have a similar striker fired action, not a hammer fired action, JMHO.

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    *** UPDATE***

    Don't even think of firing hollow points through this gun (like winchester 555) they jam every 3 or so shot. I followed the manufacturer's instructions & high polished the feed ramp to correct this but to no avail. Hollow points jam.

    After having this for almost a month, & putting well over 5000 rounds through it, it's a great little gun that will let you spend hours at the range spending pennies. Yes, I will agree with G50AE, it's no Glock & it does have it's differences but at $199 it is an acceptable alternative for a whole gun vs the $300 22 cal Glock conversion kit.
    My gun is like an adult diaper, I wear it daily & no one has to know, until the day "crap happens"

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    Too bad Glock won't come out with a line of rimfire pistols.

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    Try some CCI mini mags. Winchester bulk pack ammo always jams on me. Federal is a little better, but they too will sometimes jam, ftf, fte, etc.

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    Thumbs up Rimfire Shooting

    And they were bringing rimfire shooters to his shooting range that he might let them get a lane on his rifle range, and the disciples rebuked them. But when Jesus saw it, he was indignant and said to them, "Let the rimfire shooters come to me and set up in an empty lane on my shooting range; do not hinder them, for to such belongs at the gunclub of God. Truly, I say to you, whoever does not practice at my rifle range like these rimfire shooters shall not become a member of the gunclub of God." And he took them in his arms and blessed them, and gave them a twenty percent off coupon for their next purchase at Cabelas.

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