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    CCW and People with Disabilities

    The recent thread about the murder of a ccw holder, by police, in Las Vegas turned to talk of the problems that could potentially arise from agitated police officers yelling instructions to a hearing impaired person. I am mostly blind in my left eye, and I have other physical problems as well. If the police told me to get down on my belly, I couldn't do it without help. I wonder how the police might deal with me, if the arrived on a man with a gun call. Perhaps those of you who are LEO's would respond.
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  4. I have some concerns, also. I have serious hearing loss and have problems understanding voices from behind. I do much better facing the voice but the common procedure of not allowing someone to face the officer would make following instructions very difficult. I feel my best action would be to repetitiously tell the officer I can't hear until he/she/it gets the message. During a recent traffic stop to verify a trailer license, I had to tell the trooper twice before he moved up to speak directly facing me.

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    I might have a problem getting on the ground as my knees are not that great. Please make sure the first thing you say is I'm handicapped and then that you have a hearing, vision, or other issue. Not just that I can't hear you or see you. They might not comprehend it as fast or think you are being smart.

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    We should ban all the guns so that people with disabilities become a bigger target. Why should a loser with a rap sheet longer than the Gettysburg Address attack an able bodied person like me when they can beat up on some old guy with a cane half stumbling through the parking lot of Walmart?

    I don't actually belive any of that, but that's what the gungrabbers are truly asking for.

  7. If they think that I an completely defenseless because of my cane, let them come on,it will be their LAST MISTAKE. I can carry my cane every where, the gun sometimes has to stay behind. I may be disabled but I am not defenseless. I am more worried about a rookie officer or a want to be security guard. Like it has been stated, if you can not comply fast enough , due to a disability, it can turn into a very bad situation. We all need to remember not all disabilities are visibly.

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    Since the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) passed in 1990 many Police Departments across the country have done training, specifically targeted toward them by the US Department of Justice, on how to interact with people with disabilities.

    The difficult part of their job however is that they MUST be conscious of Officer Safety Issues. It is a very fine line when they encounter armed subjects. I've worked in the Law Enforcement field for 28 years and am also 1 of the 150 people with disabilities that the feds trained to train and assist with ADA implementation and compliance. Police agencies and officers who've attended my classes have repeatedly struggled with the officer safety issue when trying to comply with the ADA.

    While the rules look cut and dry on paper it is certainly not that easy on the streets and Officers myst make split second decisions on a case by case east answers I'm afraid.

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