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Quite possibly I have mis-interpreted these posts, but I don't think anybody has faulted the owner for his actions. I surely do not, and I believe I would have reacted in the same manner. (I do not know this for fact, as I was not there). And yes, I do feel the owner is a hero and has done a great service to his family and community.

What I object to is all the bravado being espoused by the "I wish that scumbag had come into MY shop...If it had been ME, I would have this and I would have that, ...yada, yada, yada" crowd. It appears these fellows do not fully comprehend the gravity of the situation and are attempting to ride the coattails of the true hero of the story merely by claiming they would have done the deed to an even higher level.

It has been my observation that the swaggering braggarts tend to be the first to wet their pants when a gun appears in their face and pooh hits the fan. These are also the fellows that draw undesired attention to the pro-gun crowd, making us look like a bloodthirsty lot of knuckle-draggers.

Fear not the noisy loudmouth. Provoke not the quiet man. Now then, let the slings and arrows commence flying.
Dave.... I think you may have a misinterpretation of these post. I believe what we are all saying here is that when your basic right to life is violated with possible death we take personal responsibility to preserve those rights. I hope I never have to take a life in self defense but if I do I only hope I can take out the threat before it takes me out. I love reading about some scum bag being taken out by his victim, does that make me happy??? Your dam right one less piece of dog squeeze on this earth to violate someone else’s right to live and I cellibrate that!!