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Thread: llama especial .380 advice please

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    Last time I had anything to do with one, I had one brought to me to be matched conditioned (.45ACP).
    The slide was so soft it would not hold its fit and the parts were not interchangeable with the standard 1911
    If you want a nice 380, look at Rugers LCP. New it will not cost any more than the LLama and its made much better.

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    I had a Ilama 1911 .380 in the early 70's and had alot of fun with it, so did the person who stole it... until he got caught!
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    When in uniform, I wore Wellington boots, and the left boot had an elastic pocket at the inside top of the leg. At that time, WalMart sold handguns, and I picked up a sweet little Colt Mustang .380 in SS. It rode in that pocket like it had been designed for it. The department armorer approived it and he stated he would go to WalMart.
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  5. Remind me to never serve you desserts!
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  6. I bought one back in '75 and still have it. I've put hundreds of rounds through it without a hitch and I can unload the 7 round clip into a spot the size of your spread palm from about 10 feet away in the time it takes to pull the trigger 7 times. With a magazine full of 90 grain Corbons, it's about as deadly a piece as you can imagine. I love it, and I have several friends who want it when I die (because that's the only way I'll ever let go of it)...

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