llama especial .380 advice please
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Thread: llama especial .380 advice please

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    llama especial .380 advice please

    Came across one of these little 1911 type pistols in a pawn shop today and it caught my interest. It is the model with the vent rib so I know it is a one of the newer especial, I think around late 60's or early 70's from what I read. Felt good in the hand and for its age didn't' rattle and seemed in good shape. The only potential problem I saw was that the rear sight was loose. There was a screw in the side of the rear sight which I'm not sure if that was for locking the sight down or for windage adjustment but the sight may be an easy fix. They're asking 299.00 for it which I believe is high but I've dealt with this store before and they will usually haggle down pretty well. Seems like this could be a fun pistol to take and restore and play with but I am concerned with the age and parts availabilty should something go wrong. I researched a bit and most of what I found about the .380's was positive, the .45's kinda hit or miss. I'm not sure I want to buy a gun I feel like I cant shoot because I'm afraid it might break and not be able to repair it. What do y'all think and how much would you pay for it?

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    I've owned 2 of these pistols. They are sturdy, well built .380 1911's. If you get one, start collecting parts at gun shows.
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    Don't waste your time with sissy pistols like the 1911 or the Lorcin, get yourself a Glock instead.

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    I don't have the 380 but I do have a couple 45 and a 38 Super llama 1911's. I've never had any problems with mine. I love mine in 38 Super! Numrich has parts for most of them. Numrich Gun Parts Corp. - The World's Largest Supplier of Firearms Parts and Accessories

    BTW, I'd rather have one of them than a glock!
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    Thanks for the numrich heads up, think I may just indulge myself and get the little pistol.

    I'm just looking for a neat little gun I can refinsh and play with not a defense weapon, for that I have Smith and Wesson M&P and a Remington 870. No Glocks, just never been a fan, good guns, but not for me. Wish I still had my Jericho.

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    I bought one of these new in 80 or 81, I think I paid about $160 for it. I sold it about 10 years later, I sort of wish I still had it. It was rough and a bit loose, but it was totally reliable and extremely accurate. I'm not sure I'd pay 3 bills for it today, but under $200 I'd consider it.

  8. Price appears to be a little high. If you can get it for $250 or less I would go for it.

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    Great guns, good shooters for self defense, if you are a 1911 fan.

    I saw one Micro Max 380 made @ 2001 before the final collapse of Llama that had a very oversize chamber that swelled the brass .040, but never blew out the brass. Gun shot ok.

    I have an older .32 with vent rib and brown grips made @ 90 and it is a great gun in every respect.

    I can draw from concealed and put all 8 hollowpoints in a pie plate at 15 feet in 2.2 seconds. Think that might work for self defense?

    Want to stand 10 feet from me with a pie plate on your chest? and then tell me how worthless my 32 is?

    daily carry 45

    right now I am needing a Llama 9mm firing pin

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    I had one, years ago. Great little gun and I wish I still had it. If I had the cash, I'd do it for $300.
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    Go ahead & get the little gun. I had one many years ago & never had any problems with it.

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