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  1. I prefer Mitch Rosen. It's best to call him to tell him what you are looking for.

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    Milt sparks or Mitch Rosen would be an excellent choice. I have holsters from each and have been thoroughly impressed with their quality, fit & finish. Expect to wait about 6 months for Milt Sparks vs. only 2-3 months for Mitch Rosen.
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  4. I have the ultra compact in black good service fast turn around
    Black Hills Leather - Only the best custom gun leather western cowboy police holsters rigs

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    Does annyone have any recommendations for a custom leather holster maker? I carry a EAA Witness 10mm and I have been looking at HBE Leather works. He makes some great holsters but I would like to get some other ideas before I commit to one maker. Anyone have any good leather referrals for me?
    Since you are here in Georgia... allow me to point you to one of MY favorites... ( I have 3 that he made for me...)

    CB's Leather Works | Facebook

    Check out the photos of his custom work.... I will shortly be talking to him about a holster for my Kimber....
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    I have a HBE for my H&K P2000. I also have T&T Gunleather, Milt Sparks, Galco, and others. When the HBE first arrived I was slightly disappointed in that it was not as "pretty" as some others I own. After wearing a while I have just ordered another. They fit and feel great. His extended wait time means there are other happy owners.

  7. FIST makes some leather for the Witness. I've got one of their OWB holster for my Witness. Good holster but rides a bit low for me. I don't remember if they make an IWB.

    FIST, INC.

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