Off Duty Officer Shoots Robbers
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Thread: Off Duty Officer Shoots Robbers

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    Off Duty Officer Shoots Robbers

    Jonesboro Sun

    An off duty police officer having dinner in IHOP, Jonesboro, Arkansas, October 14, 2010, shot one of 2 robbers who held the cashier at gunpoint. etc.

    Report by Keith Inman of the Jonesboro Sun.

    Google it, The guy got 1/2 million bail.

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    JONESBORO — An off-duty Arkansas State University police officer foiled a robbery of a Jonesboro IHOP when he shot one of the suspects.

    Police say Officer Bobby Duff was eating with his girlfriend at the restaurant early Monday when two masked men entered. One pointed a gun at an employee and one with a baseball bat approached Duff’s table. Duff pulled his pistol and shot the man with the bat, prompting the robbers to flee.

    The suspects were caught when the wounded man sought treatment at a West Memphis hospital. That suspect’s name hasn’t been released. The other suspect, 26-year-old Alvin Walker, was arraigned Tuesday on robbery charges. His bond is $500,000

    Congrats to Bobby, too bad he had to have a side of ass with his meal. But the perp got lead poisoning. I push over for happy endings!
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    Shot him in the hand and hip.
    Too bad he had a 380 instead of a 45.

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