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Thread: Help Me Choose Designs and Sizes for USA Carry Gear!

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    Heather grey shirts hide slight dirt and would contrast nicely with the logo imprint color. Any darker color and it makes you hot in the summer. White is good too! I'm in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lukem View Post
    I like that pin design so much I may redo it for the tshirt instead of the top one. I'll work on something and post it to get your opinion on.

    Just got off the phone with the place I'm getting the pins from. They'll be here within 2 weeks. I'll post a place for you to purchase them tonight!
    If I may, I would say take the design you have for the pin and put that on the shirt similar to the third one, but with the ribbon behind it like you have on the pin and you got a winner.

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    Nice designs, Luke - all of 'em. I agree with the poster who suggested the "Pin" logo for the left chest ("Badge position") with the top design - Map with logo - large on the back. Whatever you decide finally is fine.
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    I like the idea of the pin design on a front pocket and the the large map design on the back. Just my opinion of course.

  6. Pin and shirt comment(s)

    Top shirt looks good and the pin style looks good. Great Job!
    Any golf shirts going down the line?

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    The top one is Great!

  8. I really like the top one aswell. And I will be ordering a medium in size. Love the pin too.

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    I have just registered but have been a Concealed Carry license holder for approximately 18 months in the state of Florida. Also a firm believer in the 2nd amendment and love my country.

    I like the idea of the logo being on the left top portion of the shirt. The logo in the middle and being very large is more appropriate for the guys. The idea of a pocket logo is a great idea also. The logo should be whatever you decide. A logo copying the pin would be very nice.

    I would need a 4X. Thanks

    ps... I really dislike smiley faces.

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    Thanks for all your work on this! I'll probably order a white one but would really prefer the heather gray suggested by others.
    Just my .02


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    I like the 3rd T-Shirt design. I'd probably like to see it how it is and/or just smaller and upper left of the shirt (but no pockets) Or what about small upper left on front and big center on back?

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