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Thread: Help Me Choose Designs and Sizes for USA Carry Gear!

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    Top one with a pocket would be great. Maybe down the road, special order from LL Bean with Logo.
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  3. New Logo

    Stay with the pin design...All should be the same! Godd Job

  4. Like the pin design and would prefer the 2nd "T" shirt example. How about a pocketed Polo type shirt (or even dress type collared shirt) with an emblem similar to the pin design but larger. Will buy a pin when available!

    Charlie Jackson

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    Please consider selling long-sleeve t-shirts. Maybe add this question to your poll? Thanks.

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    Still like the top one best even after the addition of the 3rd.

    I will be buying a pin also though...

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    I like the second tshirt with a little modification. Like maybe instead of a gradiation from blue to teal have the USA gradiation gog from red to white and then to blue. The also try making 2 lines out of iit just to see waht it looks like With USA on top of CARRY.


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    I like the top one, I think the bottom one would be better with the emblem on the back and a smaller one in front. top left pocket area.

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    Top one

  10. I have to admit I like the middle one

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    Thumbs down Lapel Pin

    I wouldn't wear one!
    I really do not want to advertise that I carry!!!!!

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