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Thread: Help Me Choose Designs and Sizes for USA Carry Gear!

  1. Arrow Sniper-up

    Like the top one ,pin is ok also..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bud33 View Post
    I wouldn't wear one!
    I really do not want to advertise that I carry!!!!!
    And that responds to the question precisely how?

    And we should care why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ektarr View Post
    Nice designs, Luke - all of 'em. I agree with the poster who suggested the "Pin" logo for the left chest ("Badge position") with the top design - Map with logo - large on the back. Whatever you decide finally is fine.
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    Question shirt number 2 I like. The Blue is the one design I like

    The blue letters are what really impresses me.

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    t shirt

    very lasr

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    I like the top tee shirt design but the third one is awesome too. You should have a couple of designs to choose from.

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    edge of freedom
    top shirt
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    None. I don't cotton to open carry and I don't want to advertise that carry concealed!

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    Sounds like your gonna need to put up another poll with the available combination's there Luke, lol.

    I'd say the pin logo on a pocket at the top left of the shirt, gray **** and the red map logo on the back.
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  11. Talking ... Tee and pin...

    I like the first offering and the pin is also nice.

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