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Thread: Chambered Round: Bullet Retracting into Case

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    I'm having trouble with the concept that when a cartridge is stripped off the magazine, and impacts the feed ramp enough times to set the bullet back, any original "seal" would still be in place, and prevent any contamination of powder or primer. Such an impact would be angular, and would tend to tilt the bullet, within the case, thus diminishing any possibility that any sort of "seal" might remain intact.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gordon Shumway View Post
    QUOTE I would probbaly say this happened after about 10 or so chambering of the rounds, QUOTE

    Just my opinion from over 4 decades of experience.

    Please stop playing with your gun.

    Why are you constantly playing with your gun,
    unloading and loading the pipe, making the "dropped slide" slam the bullet back?

    It is NOT an AMMO problem.
    Cartridges are designed to be slammed into the pipe ONCE> when shot, so they don't have to go in slowly.

    Please stop playing with your gun.

    Clean it every couple months,
    oil it,
    load it,
    carry it,

    If you want to play with a gun,
    buy a second one with special "PLAY BULLETS" to practice gun handling with.

    Oh ya, been there done that, decades ago.
    Just my opinion from over 4 decades of experience.
    I feel like you are correct. I'm having an issue with a Kimber Custom TLE RL II. I getting setbacks up to 3/16" from "playing" with the device, at least that seems to be the cause. All types of ammo. Scared to fire a round that I have chambered with full force more than twice now that I have noticed that dicking around with the weapon system does not jive well with a round that is designed to hit the feed ramp once. Thanks again.

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    I have since moved to 9mm and carrying HST 124 gr standard pressure and the setback issue is much less of a problem with that ammo for some reason. I tend to get discoloring that concerns me before any setback occurs and I still take my round out occasionally to dust off the gun and dry fire too.

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    Regardless of what brand of carry ammo I load, my first round is always a Hornady Critical Defense round. Hornady Critical Defense is crimped to prevent bullet setback in autos. I've lost count of how many times I've re-chambered with the same round with never any sign of setback.
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