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    Hi from Rick in Ohio

    Got my CCW license a few months ago (Ohio). My license and gun (Smith and Wesson .380) go with me anywhere that I take my wallet.

    Beside my bed is my Walther PK380.

    I've got 6 kids (5 teens and a 12 year old) and they've all been to the shooting range with me and know how to use my guns.

    I'm glad to have found this forum.

    Happy day, all!

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    Welcome fellow Ohioian. Is that the new S&W Bodyguard that you carry? If so how do you like it?

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    Yes, it is the Bodyguard 380.

    Frankly, I was ticked off to pay so much for it - which I believe is because of the laser on it.

    I think that a laser on a CC 380 is just a gimmick... I've never used the laser on it. At 25' no one should need a laser. Focus on the front sight and chest sized target and anyone can become proficient with a gun like this without using the laser.

    But as for accuracy and reliability, I love it. I upgraded from the Taurus PT738: Nice and small, but horrible placement of the magazine release, no active safety, and not fun at all to shoot (It gave me bruises in the web of my hand).

    The S&W is clearly more solidly built (weighs much more than the Taurus) and far more accurate than the Taurus.

    When money is an issue, I'll still recommend the Taurus (it's about $269 in my area) but if accuracy and reliability is a more serious issue (and you've got an extra $200 to spend), I'll recommend the S&W (which is about $469).

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    I was really interested in the Bodyguard and your right it is REALLY expensive. Though none of the guns I have bought have been cheep (HK USP9 Compact $820, S&W M&P9 $520 and a IWI Jericho 941 Compact 9mm $650). I carry the HK and the Jericho a lot as they are nice compact guns and can take 9mm+p ammo and I have big hands so a small gun never seems to fit. Glad you like it though.

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    Hello,and Welcome from the SC. shore.....
    Glock Carrier in SC.


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