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    Lee's great service

    For you reloaders: Recently bought a Lee turret 4 hole press. The auto indexing parts were missing so I wrote around and Midway gave me Lee's customer assistance #. The lady was very helpful and is sending me the parts free of charge. I offered to pay but she declined. They have a customer from now on with an attitude like that. My hat is off to customer service like this.

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    I dealt with Lee over the phone 2 times. Both times I was given friendly, courteous service and advice. The Lee Classic Turret Press (4-hole) is in my opinion the best bang for the reloading dollar. Mine paid for itself in around 75 boxes of 45ACP. I've since added 380ACP and 357SIG rounds. Some people say you don't save money by reloading simply because you will shoot more. For me, I do shoot more but still save money. And it didn't take long to realize that I had picked up a second hobby.
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