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Thread: Want A Free Tree Rest from Montie Design? Tell Me Why!

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    I...do not need one.
    If I win I will give it away to a USA Carry member!

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    tree rest

    After a car rammed into my truck at 55 mph with me in it while stopped in 2006, a neck fusion, three surgeries, years of physical therapy, meds, etc. I am just now able to shoot again - I missed it and am excited about the recovery to this point - this device would be a godsend as I continue the process

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    Id like a tree rest to give to my buddy Dan for Christmas

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    Tree rest

    I could really use a tree rest I am 57 and have had one ankle replaced and am about to have a knee replaced but I still love to hunt I just cannot track and chase Elk and Deer like I used to do. I realise that I will have to start using a tree stand and the tree rest would jelp a lot,

    Thank you for the chance to win one


  6. Because I need it. 90% of my food will be from hunting for as long as I can tell. Need money to keep the house [ and no not from that buying a house you couldn't afford in the first place ] and apparently I'm overqualified for even a $5.25 an hour janitorial job. God bless Obamica

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    It Would Be Cool To Win

    It would be cool to win.

  8. Smile

    I have worn my fingernails to nubs climbing the trees outside my residence , while attempting to spy on my wife and her Beau. Therefore this would be a real boon to my nocturnal activities.
    I already have the necessary night vision equipment .

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    tree rest

    I think it's geat your giving things away! I have no need for a tree rest, so please give it to someone who could use it. Just wanted to say great job!

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    I think this would be a great tool for my son,he is 8 and loves to shoot with me. I would like to win it for him so maybe he just might be able to squeeze one off on a deer this season .

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    Lightbulb Please I beg you ...

    Since I only hunt for food to feed my family ... they might starve if I donít get a 'shiny' new tree rest soon. You are a good person. Aren't you? You donít want my children to starve. Do you?

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