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Thread: Want A Free Tree Rest from Montie Design? Tell Me Why!

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    I am a disabled Gulf War Veteran and have a balance problem and many joint problems .I can't do much walking and this would really would help me .I would really would like to thank you for doing this and no that who ever wins , will really put it to good use and no that there is great Company's out there that cares.

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    There's some great posts in here. If you haven't posted yet and want a chance to win then get to posting! I'm picking a random reply on Friday.

    Here's a review of the Tree Rest
    YouTube - my review of the montie designs tree rest

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    After being on the road and away from hunting for 15 years I now find I am not as steady as I used to be. Tried the shooting sticks, pods, and the like. To much to carry and lack versitility. There are always trees in the woods, looks like a great option for the stationary hunting I am now doing. Look out deer!
    Mike Whelan

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    Well I guess I sure could use it because It would help me out a lot because I am Disabled and can not stand for more than about 4 minutes with Asthma and C O P D so it is hard to center my shots and I also have 5 Disks in my lower back that are degenerative and have degenerative arthritis in the first 7 vertebra in my lower back as well as my two bad knees. I am 56 years old and because of my Disabilites it's hard to hunt at all any more so it would be nice to have something like this to help me out. I don't have a way to buy one any more because I can no longer work so I just get by when I can buy my ammo. Yes it would be great to have one and use one with out a doubt. And I can tell many people about how good it is as well.

    Thank You Jim
    Bagger Jim
    It's your right to protect youself..

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    Red face

    If I am lucky enough to win it ( the Montie Rest ), it would be used as a steady rest for hand-gun hunting.

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    Red face

    If I am lucky enough to win, please forward the rest to Bagger Jim. He can use it alot more than myself. Good luck, Bagger Jim. I hope You win.

  8. Why I want a free Tree rest

    BecauseBecauseBecause Because of the wonderful things he does of course

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    want a free tree rest from montie design?

    Well it would help me when I go hunting, it would be used for when my kids are old enough to learn the respect of a firearm. Also I cant afford one due to having 5 kids and one more coming here in a month. And the final reason is it'll give me another reason to get outta the house to have some me time.

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    Taking Daughter Hunting first time

    My 13 year old girl wants me to take her hunting for the first time - Youth season is Jan 1st and Jan 2nd in Missouri. Its also Oct 30 and 31st but Halloween trumps hunting for kids I guess. In either case it would help her to hold the rifle steady.

  11. I could use a rest like this because I love to hunt and with MS, cancer, multiple surgeries to both shoulders and three times to one knee, (permanent brace on that one now) I'm not as steady as I used to be. This would help quite a bit. We've got mountain lions, coyotes and a few other things that shouldn't be allowed to wander around through my herd of livestock that I'd like to dispense of and need to be accurate so i hit the right thing.

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