Want A Free Tree Rest from Montie Design? Tell Me Why!
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Thread: Want A Free Tree Rest from Montie Design? Tell Me Why!

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    Want A Free Tree Rest from Montie Design? Tell Me Why!

    This giveaway is now over. Switch won the free tree rest! Congrats!

    ************************************************** ************************

    USA Carry is giving away a free Tree Rest from Montie Design. All you have to do is tell us why you should be the winner. What do you plan on doing with the Tree Rest? We'll be picking a random posted from this thread in two weeks. Now get to posting!

    We'd like to thank Montie Design for giving us the Tree Rest to giveaway and for being a sponsor. Go check out Montie Design today!

    YouTube - my review of the montie designs tree rest
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    Free Tree Rest

    I would like a Tree Rest because... my TREE is tired.

    No, Really, it is because of an old knee injury and it would help me make better shots (both target and hunting). I need the stability it would offer.

  4. Tree Rest

    I wanna win cause USA CARRY is the best! I really just want a free tree rest.

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    I'd like one, but honestly some others on here would use it more and therefore appreciate it all the more.. Choose someone else to give it to.. But it's great that it's being offered.. Thanx Montie and Luke!!!!

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  6. Because, Well because I could use a tree rest

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    I would like this very much . and i cant a afford to buy one.so winning one is the onlyway for me to get it.

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    That is fantastic! Never seen anything like it before! That sure would help out this hunting season! (maybe with this, I won't shoot out the deer's rear end like I did the last one... and ruin most of the meat )

    Thanks for the giveaway!!! This forum ROCKS!
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  9. tree rest

    I would like one because I'am going to hunt deer this year and I don't have a tree rest.

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    win a tree rest

    I would like to win the tree rest because at 70 years old, I am not quite as steady as I was in younger years. I admit, I need the tree rest to stabilize my shots while hunting.
    'til next time, Switch
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    I live to hunt, I'm beating cancer, have RA, had more joints removed or replaced then any sane person should be subjected to, but hunt I must and will til the Lord takes me home.

    It provides me with a sense of completeness and accomplishment to bring home the dinner... As I deal with my challenges I look for new and innovative products that make it easier for me to continue what I've done for over 50 years. My first hunting experience was with my father, pheasant hunting in Montana. It was through him that I learned to enjoy the outdoors and hunting...

    I look forward to winning your tree rest and easing my hunting challenges...

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    I'd rather be hunting...

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