KC police fire at backfiring van
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Thread: KC police fire at backfiring van

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    KC police fire at backfiring van

    Two Kansas City police officers who thought they were being shot at from inside a van returned fire Thursday night.

    Windows of the police car were apparently shot out by the officers as they exited the patrol car.

    Read more: KC police fire at backfiring van - KansasCity.com

    I can't think of a thing to say except maybe don't eat HOT food and walk the street.

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    Sounds like these guys need to be placed on desk duty. Unarmed of course. Thank God they didn't hit anyone.
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    LOL The cops seldom hit anyone unless they're already subdued and on the ground.
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    When we lived in KC I always said the safest place to be in a Police shootout was in front of the Police. I knew a few Cops there but most were barely competent at best.

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    Are we talking Kansas City MO? I flew in there once and took a limo to Lanexa KS and I gotta say, there's a whole lot a nothing there. The driver said, "You can watch your dog run away for two days, if he doesn't find a corn field to hide in."
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    They fired at the backfiring van for officers safety you know.

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    One thing that makes this story a little less crazy is that they were investigating reports of shots being fired form the van. Someone had called in that the driver was shooting at people. Still a wild story but not quite as bad as when I first heard of it. Thank goodness that no one was hurt as it could have been very bad. I say no one hurt but I'll bet the LEO's ears are still ringing from the sound of shot being fired from inside the squad car and the ribbing they are getting from their fellow cops and the public.

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