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    There is already a thread about this LED Light. I started it about a year ago when I first picked it up at walmart. I own both the black and sliver(if you search the forums you will see the photos of it).

    Link the the thread about this light(been up for about a year now)



  3. 4sevens.com has awesome prices on LED flashlights but they run on AA batteries. I get mine next week but a friend of mine has 2 and say they are great. Good deal for the lumens. The one i got has 205 lumens for $54

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    I was at our local gun store/indoor range this afternoon and noticed one of the LED light displays. I bought a NEBO brand light (Chinese, naturally) that looks very much like the one OldOwl bought. This one has plain light LEDs for general purpose, 3 green lights to be used separately; it can flash continously, if desired or will flash an SOS continously. The front is also notched and very sharp to use offensively. Mine cost only $18.00. Although the lumens aren't very high, it sure beats trying to keep matches lit all night and AAA batteries are relatively cheap.

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    For $40 you can get a Surefire G6 LED (80 lumens) from Cabela's and not worry about the comparisons.
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    I just got one of these S&W 100 Lumen flashlights (purchased from another company).. 3 AAA batteries, it has a red and clear lens that turns the flashlight into a lantern (great for a tent) and has a flashing mode.
    The 100 Lumen light is in a beam about 2 foot wide at 20 feet..
    I'm VERY happy with the purchase and since it uses AAA batteries, it's very economical and the batteries are supposed to last for 12 hours.

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    Cosco is selling 3 somewhat similar 150 Lumen LED lights for $20. I just picked up a set and they seem pretty good.

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