Gunman in K-Mart
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    Gunman in K-Mart

    Guess he didn't like the Blue Light Spedial.,2933,330773,00.html
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    "Suspicion of armed robbery"? He had a knife and stole a gun. Isn't that armed robbery? I know Washington is a shall issue state as well, he got lucky the police were there.

    Hahaha, at least he didn't steal a Glock or some other insanely deadly "assault weapon".
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    I lived in Bellingham/Linden for a year and used to shop occasionally at the Kmart there. Yes it's a Shall Issue state and there are armed people among them. I don't recall that K-Mart as beeing posted (that was over 3 years ago though.
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    well now that's the feel good story of the week.. no one was hurt!
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    I live in Ferndale, just north of Bellingham and have frequented that K-Mart occasionally. It is not posted a gun free zone - especially since they sell guns in the store. But even if it was posted a gun free zone, would you still carry concealed there? To quote Robert H. Boatman:
    "The most dangerous place in the world are those called 'gun-free safety zones' by their ignorant political creators and known by criminals and psychopaths as 'safe-to-kill zones.' Even an adolescent school kid can figure out that an advertised killing field where no one is allowed to shoot back is the safest location in the world to carry out a mass shooting. Don't even consider going to a place like that unarmed, whether it's your kid's school or a national park. If you can't handle breaking the law, don't go."
    Pretty powerful words! What do you all think?
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