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    I have a little problem that i am needing some advise on what to do. When shooting a rifle i shoot with my right shoulder, but i am left eye dominate. What should i do to help this problem. Do i buy left handed guns, wear an eye patch? Just looking for some ideas and advise. Thanks

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    you have several option here. You can put a piece of tape over your glasses on left eye ,scotch ,painters tape. just something to blur your vision . This forces you to use your right eye, you have to teach your brain to use your non dominant eye. your other option is to try to shoot left handed . its hard as hell to re-learn how to mirror everything but it will help. I have worked at a gun club for about two years now and these are the usual tricks I suggest. Hope this helps

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    Whenever possible, you should shoot with the same hand as your dominant eye. It's easier to learn how to manipulate a firearm with your non-dominant hand than it would be to change your dominant eye.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dog5911 View Post
    I have a little problem that i am needing some advise on what to do. When shooting a rifle i shoot with my right shoulder, but i am left eye dominate. What should i do to help this problem. Do i buy left handed guns, wear an eye patch? Just looking for some ideas and advise. Thanks
    I used to be left eye dominant but right handed (pistol). I tried just tipping my head and using my left eye (not possible with rifles though), and while that was a sustainable solution I decided to just re-train my brain to use my right eye instead. Over the course of about a month, I MADE myself utilize my right eye for sighting and now it is natural for me to use the right eye for right handed shooting.

    The brain is trainable, and also re-trainable. We know this because of people have successfully re-trained their brains (and their bodies) to compensate for something, be it a stroke or a loss of limb or whatever. Most likely people are dominant in a particular eye because that eye had better vision when they were very young (prior to any eye exam). Even after corrective measures are taken (glasses, contact lenses, surgery, etc) the human brain still uses that eye as the dominant because our neuro-pathways are trained to use that sequence of transmissions (take picture from dominant eye, send to brain, process, and brain send signals back to the rest of the body).

    Barring a situation where there is poorer vision in the same side eye (as your shooting side), I think it better to re-train the brain than to train to shoot left-handed. Sure, learning to shoot-left handed would also be a re-training of the brain, but bear in mind that most people who are right handed also have slightly better muscle development (not just control) on their right side. So not only are we talking coordination but physiological differences that give us good reason to continue our "handedness."

    Hope this helps, but mostly I hope you find a solution THAT WORKS FOR YOU.

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    The dominant eye thing is usually only a problem when shooting with both eyes open. Close your left eye, and use your right shoulder. I'm left handed, but right eye dominant. Way back in 1965, my DI told me that "it is in the best interest of the Marine Corps, and your physical well being, that you shoot right-handed..... proceed"....

    So I did, and have been shooting right-handed, with my right eye, ever since. All it takes is the proper motivation.
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    Switch the left eye with the right eye and it's all good...

    I'd try using your right eye and retrain it.

    Good luck and stay with it...
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    Due to an injury in high school my dominant eye switched from right to left. While I recovered, the month or so my right eye was healing was enough to switch to the then stronger left eye. Not only did it ruin my baseball career , I wasn't able to hit an pheasant or dove until I figured it out. I started closing my left eye when shooting (hard to do with a shotgun) but I was soon back to having a dominate right eye again. You simply have to train yourself.

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    In need of advise!!!


    I'm right handed everything except and I repeat except shooting, where therefore, I'm left. Honestly I'd stay with how your body tells you to do it, yes we can "re-train" our brains, I'm one who had severe brain trauma in my teens and have to learn how to do many things over, shooting was one of them. (I'm as good as I was back 15yrs ago) , I've accepted that I'm right handed and left handed shooting, but for me that wasn't an issue I just went with the flow. But you need to do what is most comfortable to you, and not the ravings of me who's decided to live with a different aspect of life!

    Good luck with however you choose to shoot my friend,


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    Most folks who are cross eye dominant, that is, right handed and left eye dominant do well by shooting long guns off the left shoulder. Give it a try, and it may work well for you with a little practice.

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    My 13 year old son is facing the same thing. He has been shooting his toy nerf guns right handed but left eye sighted, so when he shoots my 10/22 he seems to do all right.

    My concern is when he tries to shoot a shotgun. Wing shooting (or clay shooting) is much different than rifle shooting, and very dependent on the cheek weld and gun alignment.

    So, I am trying to convince him to switch to shooting left handed. Yes, it will be difficult. From what I have heard and read, it will take about 3,000 reps (yes, 3 thousand) for him to make it a muscle memory. But, that's probably what it took me to make my right handed technique work. Besides, he's got the rest of his life to get it right.

    Whichever you decide, it will take a lot of practice to get really good. But then again, that's true no matter what.
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