Nickel vs. Blued gun barrels?
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Thread: Nickel vs. Blued gun barrels?

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    Nickel vs. Blued gun barrels?

    I'm looking to buy a snub nose revolver, I currently have a Sigma 40ve & a 19-5 with a 6" barrel. My 19-5 is blued and has never really been too much of a problem. Aside from Stainless Steel which would be preferred for many reasons what is the benefit/downside of Nickel vs Blued.
    Which is better and why.

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    Nickel, Chrome, and Blued are all surface finishes.

    In order of durability, IMHO Nickel would be first, chrome second and bluing third.
    Nickel and chrome will eventually craze and peel with age, Ever see an older car bumper's chrome peeling? Bluing will wear through with use.

    If taken good care of, nickel and chrome finishes and to a lesser extent bluing, will last a long, long time.

    Stainless Steel is stainless all the way through and won't show wear spots. Very low maintenance ~ it's the most durable of all so far. My last two handgun purchases have been Stainless Steel Rugers.

    Also, I am now of the opinion that nickel, chrome, or stainless is better for CCW, both for resistance to perspiration, and also a bright finished weapon is easier for a bad guy to see in low light situations and may help stop aggression without having to fire a shot.

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    Stainless will have to be kept clean and oiled or it will rust. My Holsters create me a problem, they hold sweat. I may try nickle plating on the next Gun.

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    I have two 22, both in stainless and three 9's in blue. The blue tends to magnify imperfections, nicks, scratches vs. the stainless.

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