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    Quote Originally Posted by rjefmiller View Post
    I must start by saying this is NOT an unbiased reply.
    I don't know of any opinions that are unbiased. :-) What you posted is what I was looking for, experiences and opinions of CZ pistols. I appreciate your input, thanks.


  3. I see several posts on here about the CZ 75B is too big for CCW. I would love to hear why you think that way. I carry one, as I stated in my last post, almost daily in a high ride, straight drawn Galco holster, positioned between my belt buckle and hip bone (about where the pocket is on a pair of jeans) and it is comfortable and easy to draw (for me). Do I feel the weight?...Yes! Is it distracting?...No! Now I have tried to use a in-the-pants type holster and the gun feels a big big depending on where I try to place it.
    So I was just curious why others feel this is not a good carry gun?
    I'm 6 feet, 190 lbs and in good shape and this gun is just not a problem for me to conceal or carry all day. Even between a T-shirt and a light shirt in the summer, if need be.
    I have even carried the Witness .45 (a bit bigger than the CZ 75) in the same holster and have never had any problems or thought that gun was too big or too heavy, either.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by wagon View Post
    My P-01 is all metal, comes with 2x 14 rounder. I never knew P-01 has a poly frame version.
    It doesn't. I meant to type aluminum. Brain fart.

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    I don't own any CZ pistols, but I have had two people come into the range where I work part-time with them. These people have nothing but glowing reports about their CZ pistols. I have shot the CZ-75 and the P01 and I have to tell you, they were both pretty amazing. They felt good, shot extremely accurately and had no malfunctions. I definitely plan on adding one (or more) to my collection as soon as I'm able.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Mountaingoat61 View Post
    I know this is like asking Which is better, Ford or Chevy but... What are people's opinions/experiences with CZ handguns? I was discussing guns via email with a friend and he told me how great they are, how they compare to other guns but are better in price, etc.

    I carry a S&W Sigma .40 (yeah, I know, but it was my first pistol so no comments there) and I'm looking to upgrade plus get my wife a not-quite-compact 9mm. The little 380 pocket guns are just too small, in my opinion so I'm looking at 9's for her.

    I mainly would like to know about quality, durability, reliability, etc. and not a bunch of non-related opinions or how great this or that brand is.

    Thanks in advance.


    Though CZ-USA put a bad taste in my mouth related to warranty work, I still can give them some serious positive points on their products.

    P-07 Duty: Newer polymer pistol with the new trigger package. This thing is slick as can be. The polymer sights leave a bit to be desired because the sight paint tends to scrape/wear off quite easily...not a problem since you can just put white-out on it and keep going. There's a slight bulge in the right side of the frame...NORMAL as it is where the slide stop retention spring mates with the frame. An aftermarket stainless steel guide rod will improve how it shoots slightly, though it's not needed. Mags tend to not drop free on some versions (they are the Euro version, so that's normal). Ambidextrous decocking lever...but wait, that's not all!!! To top it off, CZ built this to have a user-interchangeable decocking lever and safety. That's right, the user can remove the decocking lever and install a manual safety! I've owned 2 and liked them.

    SP-01 Tactical: A+!!!! This thing is 5 inches of solid metal, has an 18 or 19 round magazine capability, night sights, and a slick trigger pull. DA/SA set up and an ambidextrous decocking mechanism. The mags for this WILL fit anything that accepts the CZ-75 magazines. It shoots quarter to half-dollar sized groups at 25 yards from a standing position!

    SP-01 Phantom: This is basically the Tactical, but in a polymer set up and no night sights. Totally kick-butt platform, but the frame is shaped oddly enough (wide) that the SP-01 holsters will not fit it. Same mags as the SP-01 and these too will fit the CZ-75 family. This one was shooting quarter to half-dollar sized groups at 25 yards as well.

    CZ-75 compact: All metal pistol in 4 inch. Well built, shot well, but I wanted something polymer instead and went with the P-07 Duty.

    My issue was that CZ-USA's tech ruined my front sight and damaged my frame (it was badly bowed) on my Phantom when it went back for warranty work. Fortunately, the shop that I had purchased it from and sent it back for warranty work through, purchased it back and gave me some store credit.

    Other than that one issue, I've not had a problem with their products when I had them.

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    handgonnetoter Guest
    I had a CZ 83, and still kick myself for getting rid of it. Stupid.

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    I picked up a CZ-75BD last week and so far I love it. It's not going to replace my everyday carry gun (a S&W 642) but it's quite thin so carrying it is an option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mountaingoat61 View Post
    Ok, pardon my ignorance but I don't see the 52 on Are you referring to a pistol that fires a 7.62 round? As in the kind used in AR-15's and other assault rifles? I can't say I've ever seen/heard of that. Seems like that would kick like a mother. :)
    It's not in the current catalog because it's a MILSURP. It fires the same round as the PPsH SMG, i.e the 7.62X25. Prior to the introduction of the .357 Mag it was the velocity king of pistols. JHP ammo is theoretically available, but it's always out of stock at the place I usually order from. MILSURP ammo is available and cheap for lots of FUN practice shooting. Plus, if the situation in "The Road" ever happens lots of ball will be lots better than 2 rounds in a Model 10. BTW - recoil is nothing to be worried about.

    Have you considered the Steyr 'M' and 'S' series pistols? Yes, I am biased or a satisfied customer based on good results.
    Better to perish in the struggle for freedom than live to see defeat. There ARE things to be feared more than death. The fyrd is a Constitutional imperative.

  10. Goat,

    If you're considering a CZ-52, please allow me to give you some wonderful points I've picked up about them over the years. They're one of my favorite CZ's.

    Rollers: These tend to be one of three notable weak points on the 52, of course that's partly because the rollers may be 1950's production. Fear not, quality hardened replacements are available.

    Firing Pin: Factory pins are fragile and prone to breakage. Fear not, quality aftermarket firing pins are available and make a huge difference.

    Decocking mechanism: This is the only weak point that is of major concern. The decocking mechanism on the 52 is a cammed lever. Due to the quality of 1950's metal, this cam wears out quite easily. It is not recommended that you use the decocking mechanism on a 52 very often. Once worn, if you use it, it can actually allow the hammer to come fully forward and result in a discharge.

    Grips: There are original 1950's grips out there, some of the AK colored bakelite grips, and some super-sexy wood grips out there. Just shop around. The grips can add so much character that it will amaze you.

    What to look for: Look for years pre-1960 with emphasis on 1952-1955. I cannot explain why, but these years seem to be of the better quality in what I've found thus far. IMPORTANT - On the top of the slide between the breech face and front sight, most will have a divot or punch mark...nobody can confirm what these mean, but it has been my experience that the versions with just 1 divot are more reliable, have better fitting parts, and tend to be much cleaner than any of the others. Color - you want the "ghost gray" parkerized versions. DO NOT get the newer import versions that look to be refinished in bluing or spray paint, they are not trustworthy.

    Bad signs: Look for cracks around the barrel hood, the breech face, and most importantly anywhere else on the slide as these are an indicator that submachinegun ammunition has been fired through it (usually found mostly in Bulgarian head stamps). If you see anything "green" in color, that's usually an indicator that corrosive ammo has been fired through it, that's not always bad but if it's not been properly cleaned it's not to be trusted. Check the rollers for damage, it will be obvious. Check for rust, this is an indicator that it's been improperly cleaned/cared for or even has cosmolene in odd places drawing moisture (might give you some negotiating room on price).

    Feel free to post up or pm me if you have any other questions on the 52. I'm no expert, but I can help trouble shoot a lot of things on them. You'll also find the CZ forum to be quite helpful on CZ-52 info.

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    I'm considering getting a cz 75 compact in a trade but was wondering how well they conceal in a IWB holster. Anyone out there carry one concealed? What do you think of it for that purpose?

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