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    Quote Originally Posted by Samefly View Post
    I'm considering getting a cz 75 compact in a trade but was wondering how well they conceal in a IWB holster. Anyone out there carry one concealed? What do you think of it for that purpose?
    I carry a 75B concealed in an IWB frequently and as with any other concealed weapon it depends on your manner of dress, your belt and your holster. The most common complaint I've heard WRT CZ pistols is that they're too heavy to carry but I've not had a problem w/ that
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    My wife has a Bersa Thunder .380 Deluxe she has carried for a while now but while out shoot my CZ 75B 9mm pistol awhile back she wanted to shoot it, well after that she has taken that pistol away from me & has carried it every since. lol I've shot owned & shot many pistols and those are some of the sweetest shooters! My 2 cents.

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    First, the CZ-52 has nothing to do with the current CZ's. They were not even built by the same company or the same factory. They are still excellent pistols.

    As for the CZ-75 and its various types, I have owned and shot most all of the all metal ones. They are an excellent pistol, and it was the CZ-75B that first showed me that autoloaders could be reliable, converting me from nearly 30 years of carrying a revolver. The CZ-75 Compact is a nice weapon for CC, even if it is a bit on the heavy side. The CZ-75B P-01 is a Nato approved pistol, and the ones that I have owned and shot were flawless. When it comes to 9mm or .40 cal pistols, CZ's are what I use. I did trade the .45 CZ based EAA Witness for the 13 shot Glock 21SF because the EAA was just too darn heavy for a 10 shooter. The Glock 30 has the same 10 shots as the EAA and is far lighter and more compact. So, for 10mm and .45 acp, it is Glock for me. For anyting smaller, give me the CZ.

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    I carry a CZ70 as a BUG, and it to be both compact and reliable.

  6. I carry a full size CZ 75B, .40 in a Blackhawk holster, all the time. I love the gun and the way it shoots. I see people saying all the time certain guns are "too big" to carry. I say NONSENSE! With CCW you need to learn to dress around the gun and CCW must become a lifestyle, not something you do once in a while. I work P/T in a gun shop and it never ceases to amaze me the number of people who come in, especially in the summer, looking for a gun they can conceal under their skin tight t-shirt and tight shorts! Okay, how about a PICTURE of a Glock folded up in your pocket!!!
    I am only 6 feet tall and weigh about 185 lbs and have carried and concealed 1911s-full and Commander size and the EEA Witness .45 full size, and as I mentioned, my CZ with NO problems of concealment at all. I have never found a gun to be too big or too heavy. With the proper holster you can carry the CZ with no problems. You need to carry as much gun as you can. I spent 28 years in law enforcement in one form or another, and I say a gun on your hip is better than a cop on the phone or on the way!

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    I have a CZ 75 and absolutely love it. The feel and ergonomics are wonderful. There's a reason they are still popular after all this time. But I only discovered how fine of guns they are after lots of trial and error. For starters I learned that I don't like striker fired pistols. I will say though that I don't like my 75 for CCW. It's just too big and heavy. For me it's a home defense or combat handgun. If you buy one you won't regret it (they're a bargain too) but you'll probably end up looking else where for a conceal carry gun.

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    Got my CZ 75 Compact. Haven't taken it to the range yet but I'm loving the feel of it:

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    I carry the cz 75 D compact 9m. I go to range often with it
    No reason not to choose this gun.

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