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    Shooting Training Tool

    My 16 year old has shown interest in wanting to go to the range with me. So we went with my 40 Sigma & my S&W 357 revolver. He shot 40 cal .38 as well as 357 loads. I have to admit he did fairly well.
    Here's his target below.

    Now he really wants to hone his skills. Since it is impossible to be at the range everyday (like he wants), I thought that a good alternative would be a BB gun.
    Would a BB pistol be better for this purpose than an Airsoft, or are they about the same?
    I figure he can practice in the yard during the week & we can hit the range twice a month.

  3. Congrats

    Airsoft would be my vote. and they have wheelguns and the sigma. I Think we stock both. plus they mimic all the functions of the real firearms. out instructor staff here use them to teach basic handling

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