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Thread: New FFL here. What guns should I offer customers for CCW?

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    What I carry.

    I carry a Taurus PT145 .45 ACP, comfortable to carry, accurate, soft shooter, 10+1 mag capacity. I would go to a gun range that has several types you can try and shoot. A big consideration in my opinion is comfort, I have several that I don't like carrying because they are not comfortable.

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    I tell my students to carry what they want to carry. IF they persist I tell them I carry a Bersa45Thunder on my hip. I tell them this is a very personal decision and I'm not comfy telling some one what to carry. Depends if you want to put'm down or just piss'm off.

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    How about carrying the S&W M&P40, and the XDm in 40?

    Please, no more Glocks!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by LGSOO View Post
    What brands and models do think would be wise to offer my customers who are seeking a good CCW gun?

    I would definitely stock the Kel-Tec PF-9. The local gun shops in my area cannot keep them in stock. It is what I carry and I really like it. You have to look at the surveys of what people are carrying with a grain of salt. They do not indicate what people are currently purchasing to carry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jblave View Post
    Glock, Beretta, Kahr my favorites. I would say any proven quality gun on the market with a short barrel there are so many. You may think about getting a display catalog together and letting customers pick out their guns custom then charge a mark up.

    What state are you from and what was the process to get your FFL?
    Call BATF and ask for an application packet, fill it out, follow the instructions included, get fingerprints and photos, send all the stuff in with the required amount of money. Wait for the personal on-site visit from an ATF agent and answer his questions.

    Should take about 2 months.

  7. Colt New Agent or Kimber, Springfield, Para 3" barrel compact .45ACP

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    A good carry gun is a Kahr CW45 at 22 oz or CW9. Springfield XDM 3.8 Compact is a new addition, 27 oz. 13 and 19 extended mags. Anything like a Kimber Ultra Carry II in light alloys are awesome. Kel-Tec PF9 no frills, but light and flat. Sig 232. Walther P380, even the P22. There are so many how do I choose?

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    CCW Gun

    I carry a 3" 1911 STI Escort almost all the time, works well for me. I also carry a Ruger LCP, and so does my honey. I sometimes carry a Seecamp when I want to get really small, in .380. This Seecamp has a vicious recoil and can apply some pain to the trigger finger--but close in--its good to go--if it has to be used, I won't notice the hurting finger. [Its Not for everyone--and it's expensive]

    For CCW you should offer a variety of choices in sizes, and caliber--there won't be a "best". There are a lot of popular models. Also think about the relative costs--reasonable to pricey. Everyone will have a different reason, a different body style, a different pocketbook--bottom line is it has to fit the person all around. It would be very hard to recommend a particular pistol until you know the person's needs. My first concealed carry gun was a Glock 19--as was suggested by a local dealer. I never actually carried it as my needs changed in the time it took me to buy the gun and to get the CWP. But it was a good choice!

    Best of Luck!

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    Steyr M and S series. Not well known, but great guns. I love my S9. For those who have less $ but aren't willing to settle for a Hi-Point maybe P-64 or Makarov.
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    bersa ultra compact thunder pros 9mm, and 45 ACP
    Sig Saur p238
    taurus LCP
    Fantastic Concealed carries any of the above guns

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