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    I'm looking for a bolt action .223 for 200-300 yard target shooting. Have looked at various varmint rifles, CZ 527, Savage 12FV and Tikka T3. I would greatly appreciate opinions on these rifles and any others that would fit the bill but not break the know how wives can beThanks

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    While not a bolt action, how about a Thompson/Center Encore rifle?

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    I have 2 Savage left-hand bolt guns. They are both tack drivers, and they are relatively inexpensive
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    Pretty hard to beat the Savage bolt - actions. Inexpensive(for a rifle), accurate, dependable. What more do you need. My Savage shoots 3 inch groups at 400 yards except when I screw up.

  6. Thanks for the input. I was already leaning towards the Savage.

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    Remington 700 synthetic can be had for less than $500. Very accurate out of the box.

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    I ordered a CZ in 22LR yesterday but only because I wanted the 28.6" barrel. I'm thinking about getting a center fire Bolt Action Rifle I dought I'll pay the price of a CZ. I haven't decided if I want a 223. I have a 30-06 and a SKS.

  9. You might consider a Howa or Weatherby Vanguard, both are economical and shoot well. If 200-300 yards is your goal, about any rifle will fill the bill. I have 223's in Savage, Howa, H&R, and Wby and all shoot under 4" @ 300 yards with decent ammo. Do not expect any rifle to shoot well with crappy ammo.

  10. I'm a Remington 700 guy, but I'm convinced that a nice bolt-action is available for a budget shooter and they are tack drivers.

    Look into the Savage, but make sure you go Accu-trigger at all costs. The Savage platforms are well built, economical, accurate, and quite reliable. The Savage 10FP tactical .308 I had was put up against my Rem 700 .308 at just 100 yards on bipods. You couldn't tell which one was shooting better, both were shooting sub-MOA groups at 100 yards.

  11. I agree with Dorkfish. I have a Savage 10FP .308 and its AWESOME. I was thinking of getting the same but in .223. You cannot beat the price, accuracy, and quality of a Savage. Accu-trigger is great. I actually might get the same rifle as a post-Christmas gift to myself.

    I would go with the Savage.

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