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    A new Glock get 2 or 3 mags threw it to ck the sights, then I will carry it, ANYTHING else gets a minimum of 200 rds with no hicups before carrying, we also have 3 Taurus, a Ruger, and a Walther, and before anybody comes back and starts in on Glocks I'm sure there are some Glocks somewhere that have screwed up, but between me family and freinds, I personaly know of almost 30 differany Glocks of all diff calibers, and between all of us I have not seen one gun caused screw up

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    Rocketgeezer - good to hear that. The people I shoot with around here bad mouth Glocks all the time, one of the local dealers won't even let one pass through his shop. Yet when really questioned they haven't owned one or have no firsthand experience with one. Perhaps that is why I am looking at getting a Glock 22 this next year. I so enjoy being the odd man out.

    revjen45 - now you tell me about the Ouija Board. You know how much I could have saved in ammo if I had known that before?

    Enjoying all the responses, thanks.

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    I wonder if that unfired gun was loaded??? Maybe it was an investment gun and didn't want the mar the mag up either.

    I would run at least 200 rounds through a new auto and at least a box through a wheel gun. I just bought a new gun yesterday and picked up 150 rds. On the way home I was thinking why didn't I get more. It will be awhile before I carry the new gun.

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