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Thread: Statistics or facts on gun crimes by CCW permit holders?

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    The Michigan State Police post a report annually concerning all matters CCW related. It's on their web site. The thing to note is that any CCW'r involved in ANY crime will be reported. It does indicate if the person was carrying at the time or not.

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    Something tells me this type of information is not available from the media...
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    Just to get a laugh, I found this on the Brady campaign website.

    The sad part about this is that they believe that it is okay to use a few incidents by irresponsible people to take away the rights of those who are responsible and law abiding. Kinda like their propensity not to differentiate between gun carrying criminals and gun carrying people who are law abiding.

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    I understand 90% of the (crimes) committed by ccw holders pertain to forgetting they are armed and carrying into gun free zones. Even a judge got nabbed for trying to enter a airport restricted area.
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    I just sent a message to the brady camp pain

    I have these moments sometimes when doing something I think is right get's in the way of what I think is wise.
    The following is what I sent to them:

    I would like to inform you that your information is flawed.While it is true that some incedents involving CCW holders are reported,many of them are dismissed,and a large number of those that do not are incedents that result in no injuries.People that have CCW's are not perfect.None of them claim to be.They are people.Research the background of every single employee and volunteer in your organization.How many of them have commited a crime before,and after joining your organization.Statistical information form every state that allows it's citizens to carry weapons shows that they have significantly lower crime rates.Washington D.C.,which has the tightest firearm restrictions in the country also has the highest crime rate in the country.There is a reason D.C. is called the murder capital of the U.S.The facts show that none of the policies pushed by the Brady campaign have resulted in any lessening of crime.Don't call me a criminal without knowing me.By the way,what's up with Sarah Brady violating federal and state firearm laws buying a gun for her son?These laws apply to everyone but her?How is she above the rest of us?
    In closing,I would like to state that we all,as well as you all,know that,in truth,gun control is not about guns,it is about control.Thank you for your time.

    Give everybody guns.
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  8. I smell a leftist troll, looking for issues, that for the most part, are nonexistent, given the numbers of CC permit holders. Surely, there are a bad egg or two in every bunch, including politics and internet trolls.

    Could the OP have been any more insincere in his request? What about the hundreds of thousands if not a few million crimes averted by CC permit holders every year in this country. Is that not newsworthy enough to print in the MSM? Or, are the leftists' agenda not conducive to media bombing their smear campaigns with burdensome things like the truth, and facts?

    The lives saved by concealed carry permit holders completely obliterate any "bad eggs" that are in any organization.

    Go back to your rock, crawl under it, and take a few of your liberal miscreants with you. Begone, before I unleash the dogs of war in my pen and phone. I may assure you; you don't want to be the subject of either, or both.
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
    kinda hard to argue with these kind of stats... yet... look at the states who still don't allow carrying.
    Scarecrow, if memory serves, all states now allow concealed carry to qualified citizens. Illinois was the last to enable, and the corrupt political and law enforcement branches fought it tooth-and-nail.
    I'm a firm believer in two term limits for all politicians; one in office, the other in prison.

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    Holy necro-thread, Batman!

    And wow, revived with a totally off topic post, to boot.

    To the original 2008 topic, Texas does the best job of putting out stats, see here: Texas DPS - CHL Conviction Rates Reports
    That shows CHL holders to be at least an order of magnitude less criminal than the general populace, and few of the crimes are violent ones involving guns.
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    Nearly 402 THOUSAND CCW holders in Florida!!! I can't believe we have crime here. I'm proud that so many FL people are avoiding becoming sheeple and practicing the 2A. AWSOME!
    Can I ask where you found the stats on how many CCW holders there are in Florida? I tried to do the same for Indiana, and found this in Wikepedia:

    "In January 2013, the Indiana State Police Firearms Section began publishing quarterly reports that show the number of active handgun licenses held by Indiana residents. As of the third quarter of 2013, over 1.4 million Indiana residents possess a handgun license, with about 20 percent of license holders being female."

    And then wondered what percent that is: "The United States Census Bureau estimates that the population of Indiana was 6,570,902 on July 1, 2013"

    As far as I know the census bureau includes children in their cound so these two stats don't jive for me. Assuming just a third of our population is children this would mean about 1 out of 3 have a license to carry. And if half are children... well, you get the picture.

    Anyone know how to make sense of these two stats - I would think the census bureau's count and the State Police's would be relatively accurate.

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