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Thread: How many magazines do you carry? (rounds)

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    What ever I'm carrying I try to have at least on spare. That should be enough to get me to my vehicle.

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    There was a similar thread recently where someone had mentioned having a spare magazine not so much for the extra ammo, but in case of needing to switch magazines due to problems such as a feed failure.

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    Wish I had that many pockets.
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    8 in the 645 with another clip with 8 plus a box of ammo in the truck for reloading if needed. 16 in the Kimber M1911ARF .22 plus 3 clips of 10 each and a box for reloading from in the truck. 8 in the Colt hybrid 1911 .45 with 2 extra clips with 8 each. They can share the box for reloading in the truck with the 645.

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    Kimber TLE/RL 1 spare mag (Wilson 47D w/ 8 rounds) 1 in chamber=17
    G29 or G30 one spare 10 round mag for a total=21

    When using shoulder holster which has a 2 mag carrier
    G29 w/15 round G20 mag and 2 10 round spares=36
    G30 with 13 round G21 mag and 2 10 round spares=34
    1911 1 Wilson 8 round mag and 2 spares=25

    I can carry the larger mags when using my shoulder holster because they don't print.

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