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    Quote Originally Posted by Pokey View Post
    That sure is a strong opinion....I reckon many will disagree with that.
    Hey Pokey, you being a police officer, would you not get into trouble for having an Avitor of a clown faced Obama? I know when I was in the Marines I had not the same freedom of speech I have now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by todbiker View Post
    I can't even find a dealer who stocks them to hold it. OK, Bass Pro Shop does, but I'm not getting near that place till after Xmas..

    The size of the gun is what draws me to it, particularly the thinness due to the single stack, making it almost a pocket pistol. I think 6+1 is a practical trade-off for it's size.

    Also I own a P99 and love it, but it's a different beast.

    I am a little disturbed by it's price, the mixed reviews floating around online and the feedback I've gotten from some gun dealers who don't stock it. It doesn't help that Walther cut costs by only supplying one mag.

    How many rounds have you fired through yours, how do your carry it, and what's been your experience with FTF, FTE, or the dreaded slide locking back and refusing to close.
    Yeah, I would definitely want to hold it. Better yet, shoot it if you can. For me it is much better than my Kel Tec PF9 on almost every level. I have fired it somewhere around 200 times using at least 7 different brands of practice ammo, some of it the cheap stuff, and not had any FTF or FTE or any other issues at all. Certainly not true of my Kel Tec which only seems to like Winchester.

    Yes, it only comes with one mag (a 7 round) these days. I ordered a short 6 round mag so that with the short mag the PPS is the same height as the PF9. I actually pocket carry the PPS when I wear Dockers. It is too long to pocket carry in jeans but that is not a problem for me since in jeans I can wear my shirt tail out so I use an IWB with jeans.

    As far as price, it is not much different than a Kahr PM9. Or much more than some sub-compacts like the M&P but for me the thinness is important enough. I don't think I could pocket carry an M&P 9c.

    I guess I have not seen the bad press on the PPS. That might have slowed me down buying if I had seen it. What sold me was renting it at my local shooting range. It was flawless and accurate. Easy recoil compared to the PF9 because it is about 5 ounces heavier but still light enough for easy CCW daily use. Plus, I'm a lefty which was very important to me in my selection.

    I still keep my M&P 40 fs ready for home defense but for EDC it's the Walther. I am a newbie at this but this my current comfort zone.

    Good luck in your search.


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    how about the Sig P290 9mm looks great on reviews but some have returned it due to hammer issues. Anyone have this pistol that can provide feedback?

  5. I've spent months searching the exact same thing. If you're not rich, kel tec pf9 (250), or the db9 (350) however the diamondback is a newer gun and db has a bad rep of launching guns with lots of kinks.

    If you are in the 400-600 range I ended up with the ruger Sr9c which is a beautiful gun, extremely low recoil, great for cc (10/1) and comes with a mag extension for range use which makes it 17/1, and cost about 400 bucks. Another great option is of course the m&p9c, however the trigger on the ruger felt much better to me, but to each his own. If you already have a full sized gun to fire for recreation or use handguns strictly for concealment then the kahr cm9 is amazing, reliable and feels great and is about 410 bucks also. Of course you also have the glock 26 option. Last trip to the gun store gen 3 was 399 and gen 4 was 460, and its really hard to go wrong with glock. There is no right choice for everyone though, i would never trade the Sr9c for anything.

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    I suggest you take a look at the Boberg Arms XR9-S. It is a game changer. Here is a link to a real nice set of photos an owner posted. Just brought home a new Boberg XR9-S - Ruger Forum

    It shows an XR9-S aside of a Ruger SR9c. Informative for those that consider the Ruger a pocket carry.

    High points: +P rated, low recoil, accurate, very nice trigger pull, significantly more muzzle energy than similarly sized pistols, brilliant new design, likely to be more durable that others, not fussy about ammo, good ergonomics, cures warts, surly increases potency. I would suggest you go to the bobergarms.com site and look around. He has a lot of comparisons to the outlines of other pistols and the XR9-S, performance, operation animations.

    Negatives (depending on your viewpoint):
    - Expensive ($950 intro price), less expensive than other less "best" competing pistols
    - Does not lock open after last round. Not possible and not useful. The round is stripped from the magazine as the slide is moving back; not forward. If it locked open, you would have to close the bolt and then cycle it.
    - Single stack, 7 + 1. Double stack or extend magazines are a possible future add-on/product.
    - Limited sight options. Lasers are a probable future add-on. The manufacturers are reluctant to tool for a gun whose whole customer base is under 100 (300 in a couple of months). He is working on tritium. Sights are replaceable.
    - No manual safety. It is DAO. Firing pin is blocked internally to prevent firing if dropped.
    - No black slide available. Once he gets ahead of demand far enough and can batch a set of slides, he will probably offer them.
    - Only 9mm. There will be more models. Different ammo is under active consideration. The big advantage that this design brings to even more powerful rounds is the significant reduction of felt recoil and increased usable muzzle energy. Feedback from people that have fired other small 9mm and others indicates this gun turns a painful experience into "hand me the next box of 500".

    And yes; I have been on the order list since the beginning of 2010.

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    Duplicate - sorry.

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    Sig p290 pistol or even go with the p238 .380 if you want reliable guns

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    Try kygunco.com ,prices are better on some guns ,unless your a member of buds VIP club

  10. I love the M&P I considered the Ruger and XD also but in the end the M&P prevaled I went 40 and picked up the 9mm conversion barrel so Im extremly happy and I carried a 380 for yrs and still do depending on my attire

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    LC9 works great for me.

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