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  1. I just picked up a Ruger LC9 for when my Stoeger Cougar is just too big (which is a lot of the time). Wife has an M&Pc, but it's really not all that much smaller than the Cougar. Haven't made it to the range with the LC9 yet, so I can't comment a whole lot on it (other than to say that the takedown procedure is a bit of a pain). Wife's M&P9c runs flawlessly, it's really a nice gun, just doesn't fill my needs.

  3. I carry an XD9 sc , an LCP or a PF9 . I like the XD9sc the most. The LCP is really growing on me, though.

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    My vote is for the Kel-Tec P11, especially if you like to really get into your guns and get to know everything about the equipment. The P11 is about the smallest, lightest 9mm 12+1 pistol out there. The polymer casting and machining isn't as smooth as the $500+ guns, but then the price is about half, also. If you do a full-out disassembly and polish everything and then put it back together, you'll have a smooth, reliable subcompact pistol that is in every way equal to others that are more than twice the price. AND, you'll have gained an intimate knowledge of exactly how everything works inside. The P11 is a long-proven design, and has been out for many years, with many thousands of users and the Kel Tec Owners Group (ktog.org) forums has tons of info about them and how to make them even better. I've had mine for over a year and wouldn't trade for any of the others in its size/weight/capacity class. If you want something even flatter, go with a Kel-Tec PF9, but you give up 5 rounds of magazine capacity and only gain 0.20 inches thinner and 2 oz. lighter for the unloaded gun. The PF9 has a lighter trigger (5#) vs. the P11's 8#, but the P11 trigger feels, to me, about the same as my S&W .357 Combat Masterpiece revolver's trigger (smoothed out by a gunsmith), so I don't have any issue with it. In any case, these days, there are NO absolutely guaranteed-reliable pistols out there - everybody's constantly changing suppliers and outsourcing, trying to get a competitive advantage and better pricing. So I go with a U.S. manufacturer (Kel-Tec is in Florida), and put in about 1/2 the money plus a bit of my own time and elbow grease. And I now have a pistol that I completely know and trust.
    I'll be carrying a Taurus PT 24/7 Pro .45 or a Kel-Tec P11 9mm, ASP 26" expandable baton or walking cane.

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    I've read your comments on the XD 9sc and really don't understand where you are coming from. I'm 69 years old and about 5 ft. 8 in. tall and have no problem carrying one in my jeans right front pocket. I carry it with the short mag in the gun which makes it more compact. It's not as thick through the grip as a Glock, which is important to me as I have short stubby fingers. In fact that is the the first high capacity pistol I have ever owned that fit my hand well. In fact I may get rid of my Kimber Pro Carry and get an XDm Compact 45. I love these XDs.
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    Must have big pockets? I don't even like my wallet in my front pocket. The Xd 9 SC is bigger than my Glock 27. No way would I carry that in my front pocket. The Xd sc with a holster it would be big imo. But the good thing is we can carry anyway we wish :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by B2Tall View Post
    I would not trust my personal protection to a Taurus. I've owned Smiths and Glocks. I trust them. Just my own experience. Don't be cheap if you're going to use this pistol to protect you and/or your family.
    I agree. I also have recently taken a shine to the Beretta PX4 subcompact. Type-F SA/DA with decock/safety. Holsters nicely IWB and fits in jacket pocket. A little large for pants pocket carry.

  8. Finally purchased a CCW

    Decided to go with the Kahr CW9, shot about 250 rounds through it the first day and no malfunctions, so far, so good. Thought about the PM9, but it felt too small and I wasn't going to lay out that kind of money for something that didn't feel right. The only thing I don't like about the Kahr is the sharp angle on the feedramp, it really beats ups a hydra-shot bullet once it's loaded. The rear sight decal came off the first day and I keep forgetting to call Kahr about it. Kinda of used to it now. Overall I'm happy with my purchase, but now that the CM9 is out, I'm rethinking the size thing and thinking a little smaller might be the ticket for daily carry.

    I still need to get a holster for CC and decide how to carry it. It's too big for my front pocket for quick access and fumble factor. I like inside the waistband small of the back, but the only time I carry is when I'm traveling by car and that's not real comfortable. That leaves ankle carry, which ain't real convenient when you're on your feat trying to draw. It kinda takes away the surprise if you're spotted holstering a weapon every time you get out of a car. That leaves a shoulder holster which requires a jacket..... not real comfortable in the warmer seasons. Oh well, what's life without a new dilemma once in awhile...lol

    Thanks for all the feedback and suggestions my posting has received, nothing's better than another person's feedback versus some mag trying to sell your something.

  9. Have you looked at a Kahr CM9?

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    Sig Sauer P938 is rumored 2012.suppose to be like the p238 but 9mm

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    Todbiker, have you considered a belly band? For no more than you intend to carry, it might be just the ticket. You can conceal under a t-shirt easily that way as well. JM2C.
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