Anybody carry a Colt Defender
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Thread: Anybody carry a Colt Defender

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    Anybody carry a Colt Defender

    Had one a year ago, but it was so damn pretty, I was afraid of scratching it and ended up selling it when I got Kahr fever.

    Since it was cold, snowy and windy today I walked around with a Glock 36 to get used to it again. Then stuck a full-sized 1911 in my waist for a few hours and it was actually more comfortable than the 36. Got me thinking about a compact 1911 again. Thoughts on carrying the Defender?

    Carried it a while last winter, but again, fear of scratching made me put it away. Think I'm over that now.

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    The one pictured has been my daily carry gun for about a year now. .45 cal in a Galco Sto and Go IWB holster and I haven't scratched it yet. I don't see how that would happen as long as it stays where its supposed to. I am extremely happy with mine.

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    I carry mine with CT grips in a Hume IWB holster extremely pleased with it!

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    I don't have a Colt Defender but do carry a Kimber Ultra Crimson Carry II. It is very comfortable to carry and I don't worry about the holster wear that may show up as I bought it for a carry gun not a safe queen but that is just me.

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    I carry one occasionally (EDC is a Glock 23). I love the gun and the way it shoots, just don't like only having 7 shots vs 13.

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    The Defender is an excellent firearm...IMHO.

    There is a recall notice (7.6.09) that you can download (PDF) here: Colt Firearms Catalog

    I've included a screen shot below of the page with the Defender serial numbers that are affected by the recall. It's a simple fix that you can do when cleaning the weapon...Colt will provide the new parts.

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    I have a Colt Officer's ACP that I carry from time to time.

    I've been carrying the M&P40c more lately since I've been replacing some parts & springs on the Colt and need to prove it dependable as a carry piece again. I would love to get the new Colt Defender, but the anti-gun Nazis here in MA make it difficult...

    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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