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Thread: CCW Users put to test on Dateline?

  1. What on earth kinda holster is that? Why not just put it in a locked box? And if Diane knew what was going to happen, why didn't she have her gun drawn?

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    Diane Sawyer Anti-Gun Farce

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    I think its a good thing that they let the public know what happens to someone under stress, but the only thing this video makes me want to do is keep training or even get others to train. Oh, and Joey couldn't have been given a bigger shirt.

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    Absolute confirmation of deceit. They are my enemy.

    Of course I never watch that irrelevant video rag anyway.

    But they are still my enemy.

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    I agree. The "test" was doomed from the start, and it's obvious that 20/20 had their usual anti-gun agenda in mind beforehand.

    I'm hardly a "cowboy", but consider constant practice a must for those who carry. I belong to a range (Boulder City Rifle & Pistol Club) that has a specific range for the members to practice "quick draw" and firing techniques. I practice at least once a month...bringing the gun out of the holster and engaging the target.

    Also, every evening before taking the gun off my belt, I draw the weapon. (Of course, keeping my finger out of the trigger guard.) This ensures that I've at least practiced with different configurations of clothing that I might wear on a given day.

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    I agree that was an unfair test and they practically say so in the interview. If you want to carry you need to train. Its just like everything in life, practice, practice, practice.

    On another note, that cop who shoots himself in the foot makes me laugh every time. He is the Tim Taylor of police officers.

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    The idea of concealed carry is that the bad guy doesn't know who may or may not have a gun. They basically gave these college kids, who's prior experience with a gun may have been limited to duck hunter on Nintendo, a small amount of training and sent them to class with a gun. Not having enough time to even process the mindset necessary to carry a gun, let alone use it effectively, they are then faced with a bad guy who magically knows who has the gun and immediately neutralizes him.

    This was a complete setup and doesn't reflect a real shooting scenario. Test the same situation with an experienced gun owner and the element of surprise and I guarantee you'll get a different result.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Daven View Post
    So, a friend who also carry's told me that one of those news magazine shows (Dateline, 60 Minutes, etc) did a segment about a year ago where they brought in 5 or 6 people who carry and put them in a scenerio where they were in a classroom and an armed intruder came in and they had to shoot apparently NONE of them did a good job, most even missed the target.

    Anyway, I thought I gotta see this (to laugh at it mostly) but can't find it, does anyone know what I am talking about or where to find it?

    Providing a link would be awesome. thanks.


    I know of the segment you are referring to. Trust me, this WAS NOT a scenario where ANY of the individuals involved were experienced in concealed carry. Not by a long shot!

    In fact they had all received a rushed firearms training course with paintball sim-rounds from an open carry stance. Keep in mind that the media specifically selected the participants for the video, it WAS NOT RANDOM! Then they were placed in a concealed carry stance for an exercise, take note of the firearm position at the appendix and under the shirt which IS NOT what they were trained on. One thing to note is that the video clearly illustrates that the person with the defensive capability was intentionally placed in the same seated area (within 1 chair) for every scenario, regardless of who the shooter was.

    The BG's were trained SRT/SWAT officers who already had the above information, which is VERY important to note...highly trained individuals with an informational advantage...duh. What's also a red flag is that the rest of the audience IS NOT randomized from the population, they are in fact confederates intentionally selected and informed to respond in chaos rather than to protect their lives. It was a skewed scenario from the start...intentionally so.

    Trust in this: You put EVERY one of those SRT members in the same situation and randomize how BG's will be entering, how BG's are dressed, when the BG's are entering, what room it will occur in, and give the BG's the knowledge of where a defensive shooter will be... you can bet your paycheck for the next year that EVERY SRT member WILL fail and be shot.

    There's a huge difference in taking untrained individuals off the street and giving them confusing training and taking a trained individual off the street for this type of application.

    Know this, I had tried and still have yet to receive a response to requests to have a follow-up version of this with my fellow firearms instructors up against SRT members and the untrained public to illustrate that everyone will fail when a BG is given information prior to on the exact location of a defensive shooter. Granted, it could have went to a junkmail or spam folder, so who knows.

    ABC and anyone responsible for the production and airing of this totally biased video, especially the anti-2A LEOs that were involved, should have been chastised for their involvement and intent to disarm lawful carry through such garbage propaganda.

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    Bumping this so I can find it later, I have a feeling it's going to be exactly as I imagine

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    That is quite the ridiculous setup they had with all those people just running through the line of fire without trying to at least tackle the BG. Also, it looked like they gave Joey some sort of extra retention type holster that he had no experience with. Totally unnecessary with concealed carry. Also, who taught him to draw his shirt with the gun???
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