CCW Users put to test on Dateline?
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Thread: CCW Users put to test on Dateline?

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    CCW Users put to test on Dateline?

    So, a friend who also carry's told me that one of those news magazine shows (Dateline, 60 Minutes, etc) did a segment about a year ago where they brought in 5 or 6 people who carry and put them in a scenerio where they were in a classroom and an armed intruder came in and they had to shoot apparently NONE of them did a good job, most even missed the target.

    Anyway, I thought I gotta see this (to laugh at it mostly) but can't find it, does anyone know what I am talking about or where to find it?

    Providing a link would be awesome. thanks.


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  4. It was a pretty rigged up deal. They didn't actually pick anyone with CCW experience (or very much firearms experience at all from what I could see), they made the carrier dress in clothes that interfered with drawing and the bad guy (a police firearms instructor) knew exactly where they were sitting in the classroom (guess who got the first bullet?).

    I can't find any links to the video-not even on ABC's website.

    ETA: It was on 20/20. The name of the segment was "If I only had a gun"
    It's not on Youtube, either.
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    This "news magazine" story was a set up from the get go. All the participants had extremely high ride holsters on, making it just next to impossible to access the weapon they were provided to carry. In addition, they were made to wear very bulky "tactical" gloves that made grasping anything a real chore. The "bad guys" (as previously pointed out) knew EXACTLY where the CC subject was sitting, insuring that they were the first ones taken out. Diane Sawyer then was able to point out in pear shaped tones that, of course, surprise surprise, having a gun does not make you safer. Why, they just proved it with that test situation. Yeah, network "reporting" at it's finest. It made great press, and reinforced already existing opinions among the elite that the unwashed masses should be disarmed. The really horrible thing was that people who do not know much regarding CCW issues would not see the set up and think that this was a fair and honest report. I do believe that this piece of propaganda was titled "Do I really want a gun". It was yellow journalism at its worst.

  6. It was 20/20 Diane Sawyer did a spot called If I only had a gun.
    It was a complete farce. Almost everyone they got to try and defend themselves had no experience concealed carrying. The assailant was a professional firearms instructor and all the test subjects were in the white zone.

    The test subjects were given extremely large shirts and gloves. It was a very rigged test, rigged to fail and it did. But firearms advocates all over requested it be done again with experienced/trained concealed carriers and no response from 20/20.

  7. I believe this is the rigged experiment you are looking for.

    'If I Only Had a Gun': Click Here for 20/20 Special - ABC News

    I would also like to say that the gloves they had on I have shot with.. and shot just fine.. However You cant just hand someone a gun and expect them to know how to use it.. Pulling a gun from a holster and bringing it up on target in one motion takes time. 20/20 really pissed me off when they did this still..

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    Pathetic journalism!!! They should be extremely ashamed of themselves. Any true concealed carry student understands training, training, training, along with practice, practice, practice!!!

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    Thank you!

    Wow, totally set up. I wish they would have done a more non-biased story. Maybe someone will do a follow up show that will be more realistic...but I doubt it.

  10. Even if someone did... someone would find a way to bash it. The media is ridiculous. Fill that room up with people that know how to use a firearm woulda turned out a lot different. Its hard to tell someone that knows NOTHING about firearms though that they are not a device straight from hell... I have many Canadian friends that I have educated on weapons and they eat news like this report up. Send it to me and are like "SEE guns are bad." always end up convincing them otherwise but its still annoying.

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    As everybody replied; it was a Diane Sawyer farce. To make it more ridiculous, she finished with that instead of a gun, a cell phone is your best chance of saving yourself in an armed encounter. The convoluted train of thought required to utter such nonsense is amazing.

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