Why I Carry- encounter today
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Thread: Why I Carry- encounter today

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    Why I Carry- encounter today

    I was at my bank (Chase) this morning when I was getting in my car, this all went down about 2 rows away. I was distracted by a phone call and did not respond, but the robbers could have easily hit me up also. I did see the robbers running to get away, and saw the men taking chase (pardon the pun). I then went over to the victims until help arrived.

    I wish I had been able to help more, but as you know, I am in a wheelchair.

    This is a wonderful city to live in, but I would not be here unarmed.


    Good Samaritans recover elderly couple's money after attack at Phoenix bank | Phoenix News | Arizona News | azfamily.com | Phoenix News

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    Wow, thats crazyness, Im glad the Older man is Alright, and I agree, there are plenty of reasons to carry. That is just 1 more.
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    DAVEN: You did what you could, considering you were in a wheelchair. You at least did something and that is very commendable. There are others who would have done nothing. Ever considered putting a gun mount on your wheelchair?

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    You did what was important, aiding the person down! Kudos to you brother!

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