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Thread: Florida Gunman Shoots During School Board Meeting

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    First of all this guy has the worst gun skill i have ever seen every shot is a mis directed shot his second shot is a relaxing the arm shot and did not even know his figure was on the trigger i have to believe that if he knew how to use a gun he was very drunk or high because i really believe he meant to take a life

    second gun free zones are nothing more that a breading zone for gun violence for the bad guys they know no one can protect themselves i always refuse to enter gun free zones when ever possible

  3. This is proof that I need my gun anywhere, anytime.

    Gun free zones are a Utopian ideal that cannot exist, and this is proof.

    One single armed citizen there could have easily shot this guy early on and stopped the threat to the lives of everyone there.

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    That the perp was upset is pretty clear...apparently about his personal problems (his wife's employment, yes I've read the articles)

    That he was half an idiot as a gun user is even more clear. Did anyone notice that his second shot was into the floor in front of his feet? And several shots missed at spitting distance? I agree with the councilman who said "You want them to come in and kill you, don't you?" (Not a quote)

    Something had pushed this individual to the brink, but for some reason he didn't want to just swallow his gun. I try to imagine what could possibly happen in my life that would push me to a place like that. Thankfully, I must lack that much imagination.

    I'm glad that no one was really hurt (other than the perp) but I'm also a bit sad that anyone in this day and age can be driven to this precipice. I wonder if we'll ever hear anything about what may have led him to this sad and terrifying end.
    We will not falter. We will not surrender. We will prevail.

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    Open Carry

    Had a few people been "Open Carrying" in that room he probably would not have tried this or would have been dropped before he got a shot off!

    Quote Originally Posted by titaniumman View Post
    I'm sure that everybody has seen the news by now. A man with a gun enters a schoolboard meeting and attempts to shoot members of the board. It is a true miracle that nobody but the gunman was injured. It is sad that current events of today are so bad that someone would feel the need to do something so drastic as that.

    YouTube - Shooting at a Florida School Board, Please be rational with your comments.

    YouTube - PIX News - Caught on Tape!! Florida Gunman Clay Duke Opens Fire at School Board Meeting (12-15-10)

  6. Just proof that we need to abolish any "Gun Free Zones" this guy was a known felon who had no business with a handgun in the first place. But here he was with a gun...and of course as with most felons... the sign at the door "Gun Free Zone” doesn’t apply to them. You can CC all day...but where you need it most is in these "so called...Gun Free Zones"...history tells us that's the most dangerous place to be in the last 15 years or more. The quintessential Killing Fields of this country.
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    I retract my statement

    Since I had not gotten the full details, I retract my statement I made early this morning.

    He accomplished the deed in two shots, he is a retired LEO detective, and a HERO!. Bravo Bravo Bravo.

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    And the perp, Duke, was a certified nutbag. Long history of crime and mental illness.

    Go figure.

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    I think in time he would have hit someone. He had a full box of 50 rounds on him. He could have taken the time to block all the doors and took his time reloading.

    I carry in gun free zones and nobody knows. That is why it is call concealed carry. I'll take my chance with the law, if I have to use my weapon. Until then what they don't know doesn't hurt anyone.

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    So much for that "Gun Free Zone"

  11. Quote Originally Posted by ERIK ASHER View Post
    I feel that if there was no ban on firearms in public buildings, that man would not have gotten off a single shot.
    This is what happens when you restrict where law abiding people can carry. If that law enforcement officer had not been in the building, one or more of those board members would be dead.
    If the right to carry for legal self defense was not restricted in government buildings, one of those board members may have been carrying a weapon and could have saved themselves.
    Finally, if open carry was legal in Florida, and the right to carry in government buildings was legal, that man probably wouldn't have committed that crime at all.
    Gun free zones only hurt people who abide by the law.

    I just skimmed through all the posts looking for one that said something along these lines. I agree completely.

    If it were me, I would be suing the everlasting ******* out of someone. Emotional damages and a half inch away from physical damages and/or death that could have been averted had I been allowed to carry.

    WOW! And thank God that nobody got shot/killed.

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