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Thread: Florida Gunman Shoots During School Board Meeting

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    This IS why I carry a handgun

    The man who said he was the one who signed the paper - is one solid dude...

    I carry everywhere there is not a metal detector...for this very reason!

    I waited till I was in my 30's to get my LTCC here in MA, where people are so one sided to having a firearm. What promoted me to get a LTCC was a while back I happened to have to get passed a group of "gang-banger" wanna-be's in front of the Library - of all places - and one of them pulled a knife on me. I shrugged it off and kept walking...2 months later I had my legal ability to carry a firearm in MA. I would still shrug it off...by no means do I want to escalate a confrontation...and kudos to the group who tried to talk this man down...no one and I mean no one who carries a firearm should be thinking of being a hero or "I'll show you". It should only be used as a last resort in self defense.

    Demand your 2nd Amendment Rights

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldbanjo View Post
    There's a fine line between sane an insane, and the only people that have a paper that say their sane have been in a nut house. The Guard was not in the room someone had went to get him. Everyone was putting there fate in that Guard showing up in time to stop it. That lady probably saved there lives by slowing things down. It would have been a lot better if every one had a Gun.
    Your first statement is not true. I went before a Social Security Administrative Law judge for SS Disability. One of the statements in his findings is that I have full use of my mental faculties. They do check on that also and it can help or hurt you in whether you get it. If you have had a past record of mental problems it helps and if no past record or present problems it can hurt in your chances. Only about 2% of the people who apply for SS Disability win at the 3rd step in front of the judge. The rest I agree with you on if his intent was to kill.

    As for this guy, the anti-gun left on other websites have been trying to use this guy as an example of a rightwing gunnut. Most "gunnuts" I know know how to handle their guns. If he missed it was because he wanted to miss. Or he missed because he didn't fit the gunnut title and was a left leaner. And (s)he was also bashing the rich in her/his facebook rants online. Typical of the liberal left's ideas. Just about any way you look at it, the anti-gun crowd gets it wrong.

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    Wow! What a video...

    What are some truths you can take from this video?

    1) Law-breakers (by definition) will not obey Gun-Free Zones
    2) Some people cannot be 'talked down' from their crisis
    3) The lady who tried to disarm the perpetrator was very brave, and foolish (NEVER bring a purse to a gunfight) - She is fortunate she wasn't shot by reaction...
    4) When seconds counts, Law Enforcement is only MINUTES away.

    It should be noted that the school board members seemed very calm in the face of adversity, or maybe it was the 'freeze' portion of fight, flight or freeze...? In any case, they looked like sheep at the end....

    We are all thankful that ONLY the criminal was injured/killed. Let's learn from the mistakes made in this instance...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ERIK ASHER View Post
    I feel that if there was no ban on firearms in public buildings, that man would not have gotten off a single shot.
    This is what happens when you restrict where law abiding people can carry. If that law enforcement officer had not been in the building, one or more of those board members would be dead.
    If the right to carry for legal self defense was not restricted in government buildings, one of those board members may have been carrying a weapon and could have saved themselves.
    Finally, if open carry was legal in Florida, and the right to carry in government buildings was legal, that man probably wouldn't have committed that crime at all.
    Gun free zones only hurt people who abide by the law.
    Gun free gov't buildings only work if there is a metal detector at the entrances. As an employee I could use the side door to our buildings where guns are banned. We never let anyone in those doors without proper ID. When our Governing Board holds a meeting offsite, there is no metal detector even though it is illegal to attend a meeting with a gun by Florida law.

  6. Was he Barney Fife?

  7. We should all use this event to help prepare ourselves mentally and in our training.

    Some things to notice are:
    - how many times did the assailant take his attention from the victims, giving them opportunities to escape or overpower him?
    - how much time passes from when the women and audience were dismissed and the first shot?*
    - when the shooting started, why did the guy miss everyone?
    - was the assailant right or left handed? Why is that important?
    - what did the victims do before and immediately after the shooting started?
    - could you legally carry your firearm in this situation?
    - how would you characterize the assailant? Was he deranged? A predator out for a thrill? Desperate? Just pissed off?
    - how many objects were in the room that could have been used to disable or disorient the attacker, making time and opportunity for an escape?
    - at what point was it clear the guy was not expecting to leave the room alive?
    - did he want to hurt anyone? If so who? If not, how do you know for sure?

    What would (or should) you do in a situation like this as either an audience member, one of the school board members, the video camera men?

    When would you be justified in using your firearm in this situation?

    While this was a terrible event, it is also a rare documentary of a violent encounter that you as a an armed citizen can analyze. Use it to work out your best defense strategies and help you be ready should you find yourself in a similar scenario. It also gives you a glimpse int the behaviors to look for that might give you a heads up that the S(will)HTF soon and you should be planning your exit or defensive moves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Islander View Post
    The "security guard" was unfortunately almost completely useless, not taking ANY action until the criminal took multiple shots at innocent people. EDIT: I think the security guard was trying to give the guy the benefit of the doubt, but you can't let a perp with a gun decide the outcome of this sort of situation.
    We don't know where the guard was situated (off camera) in relation to the perp as well as in relation to anyone if the audience who might have been in the line of fire (also off-camera). The guard may have had to move, and move slowly so as not to inflame the situation, in order to lessen the effects of a miss. I won't pass any sort of negative judgement on him unless I knew all the facts. Hindsight is always 20/20.

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    Quote Originally Posted by duncan View Post
    This is proof that I need my gun anywhere, anytime.

    Gun free zones are a Utopian ideal that cannot exist, and this is proof.

    One single armed citizen there could have easily shot this guy early on and stopped the threat to the lives of everyone there.
    But the process worked. There was an armed guard (former LEO I believe) who handled the situation. I'm not sure how many people were present off-camera but you have to ask yourself this: How many people would have been killed or wounded had, say...half a dozen CCers opened up in that room?? Like I said earlier - hitting your target in a highly stressful situation is a lot more difficult than at the range. Those misses are going to hit something. Bullets flying everywhere, confusion, who's to say somebody else drawing and shooting wasn't his buddy also bent on mayhem??

    Yes, somewhere along the line the system failed because the guy got a gun into a no-carry zone, but in the end the system worked.

    This time.

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    Two important points

    I do think from reading the thoughts and opinions of all who have posted on this subject, that you do "get it". I strongly agree on two important points this incident points out, which are instructive in a number of different situations.
    The first point is that there are still a few brave heroes out there. These are the people who act regardless of how things may turn out. They act on the conviction of their principles. The second point of this tragedy is that the best way to save lives is to significantly expand the right to carry for law abiding citizens. No more need be said.

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    Thank you for that. My observations on these things are never appreciated. At Columbine the kids were lined up in one room and systematically shot one at a time. You don't have to be a genius to know what's coming and when your turn is. And you stand there and wait? You're going to die anyway, might as well give the perp a pencil through his throat and TRY to overtake him or get away.

    Secondly, at Columbine and Va Tech, I watched video of well armed police hiding behind cars outside the building clearly hearing gunfire from inside. GET YOUR ASS IN THERE!! GET YOUR ASS IN THERE!! Do your job! Zebras, buffalo, they don't hesitate to circle the wagons and attack even lions to protect their young without hesitation, even if they don't belong to them. And humans sit around thinking of strategies and consequences? Shameful.

    When pilots started demanding hand guns in cockpits they got them. Time for these overcompensated teachers to grow a set and do the same. They always cry about children suffering when they want more money. Lets stop the kids from suffering and train and arm the teachers who have 100K pensions.
    You can run... but you'll just die tired. 3%

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