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Thread: Florida Gunman Shoots During School Board Meeting

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    Gun Free Zones equate to Free Kill Zones and the BG's know it. I rarely will enter an area that bans Guns.
    "The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities." --author and philosopher Ayn Rand (1905-1982)

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    God or luck had nothing to do with the out come of this event. The shooter did not want to kill anyone but himself. I can not see missing your target when it is sitting in front of you less then six feet away. This man just wanted to be a martyr. The death by cop angle does not fly with me being that he shoot him self in the head ending his life. He could have staid home and done that instead he went to a school and caused a scene. Which now is being discussed every where for a couple of days.
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    He can be a martyr for the criminally insane.

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    Quote Originally Posted by handgonnetoter View Post
    Hey PDawg, I like your avitar! How did you get your dog to stay still long enough for the snapshot?
    First you buy buy the laziest Houndog on the entire planet! Actually my wife took the picture. I'm in Afghanistan again this year, I'm not sure how she got him to sit there like that.
    "Guns ain't marriage; we're allowed to be promiscuous with them." Massad Ayoob

  6. Every anti gun nut needs to realize that felons and nut cases will always have access to guns, 'gun-free zones be damned!'.. Those of us with CCW's are law abiding, but feel handicapped because we don't want to face the threat of going to jail if we are discovered carrying in the the very places where we need to be armed.

    We either don't go to those places, or take our weapon anyway and risk getting nailed, or leave our weapon at home and become a 'sheep' like the rest of the law abiding poplulation.

    This 'silliness' has got to stop! When will we get a national permit to be legally armed anywhere????

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    They just showed a follow up to this story on our local news. The security guy was only there because he was asked to make sure the pipes wouldn't freeze. And initially, he wasn't armed. After his first contact with the guy, he went out to his vehicle and put on his bullet proof vest and grabbed two handguns. Seems like a lot of time could have elapsed there. But no LEOs on scene in time to help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stingray2100 View Post

    You took the words out of my mouth. I looked at the video and said the same thing about the woman, the superintendant and the wuzzification of every male in that room when the woman hit the bad guy.

    then all males in that room except the super had there hands between there legs (clearly seen on video).

    Why protect your ball when you have none. Sorry...had to say it.
    If your going to go out go out like a man.
    Amen brother. When that idiot had his back to the rest of those gutless guys sitting in their chairs, they should have bum-rushed the SOB and kicked the hell out of him! I can understand them wanting to hit the dirt when the dude had the gun pointed directly at them, but they blew their chance when the fat guy was occupied by the only one in that room, that didn't check their package out as they walked in the door, the WOMAN! I got held up a gun point once years ago, and when some moron has you dead to rights, its a little harder to cowboy up, but they should have rushed him when they had the chance. Everyone else was BEHIND the perp, so if just one of them had a CCW and been packing (if allowed at some stupid school board meeting), they could have dropped the guy before he even got off a shot.

  9. Hell yes. Extremely well said! This coils have totally gone down like Columbine, starting with the woman.

    Quote Originally Posted by OldOwl View Post
    Thank you for that. My observations on these things are never appreciated. At Columbine the kids were lined up in one room and systematically shot one at a time. You don't have to be a genius to know what's coming and when your turn is. And you stand there and wait? You're going to die anyway, might as well give the perp a pencil through his throat and TRY to overtake him or get away.

    Secondly, at Columbine and Va Tech, I watched video of well armed police hiding behind cars outside the building clearly hearing gunfire from inside. GET YOUR ASS IN THERE!! GET YOUR ASS IN THERE!! Do your job! Zebras, buffalo, they don't hesitate to circle the wagons and attack even lions to protect their young without hesitation, even if they don't belong to them. And humans sit around thinking of strategies and consequences? Shameful.

    When pilots started demanding hand guns in cockpits they got them. Time for these overcompensated teachers to grow a set and do the same. They always cry about children suffering when they want more money. Lets stop the kids from suffering and train and arm the teachers who have 100K pensions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PDawg View Post
    First you buy buy the laziest Houndog on the entire planet! Actually my wife took the picture. I'm in Afghanistan again this year, I'm not sure how she got him to sit there like that.
    Well, I like it. We have a really old and lazy Beagle dog, but I could not get her to do that with the hat. Be careful "overthere" and come home safe. Our prayers are with you guys and gals.

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    I saw an interview with the guard -- he said he put 3 rounds into the BG's center of mass.
    That didn't stop the BG -- he still was able to fire from his position on the floor. What was the guard shooting? It apparently wasn't enough to STOP the BG.

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