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Thread: Guns for Christmas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocketgeezer View Post
    Don't know what I'm getting probably, whatever I get myself, LOL, and Luke tell your brother to get a slip on limbsaver pad, I have two Mosin's and shooting it much without the pad will hurt
    Thanks for the heads up. Maybe I'll get that for him for Christmas! lol

    Memberships: NRA, GOA, USCCA
    Guns: Glock 26, Ruger LCP, Beretta 90-Two .40, Beretta PX4 Storm Subcompact 9MM, Beretta Tomcat, Bushmaster Patrolman M4

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rjb545 View Post
    My wife got a glock 23 40mm
    I got a Glock 33 sig 357
    My son got a Walthers p22
    Merry Christmas to all
    You can get a lot with a kind word , But you can get more with a kind word and a gun

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    yah i cheated ...

    I'm really bad , bad & bad !!!! i got a M&P PRO 40 who sweet it is and my wife don't know it so i'm full of proud and Guilt ! ( But SHOOTS AWSOME) !

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    I went around the middle man and picked my own present. Been wanting a single shot by H&R so I picked out an H&R ultra varmit in 308 and momma picked it up for me. easy day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lukem View Post

    Did someone open their Christmas present early?

    That's a great gun, I love my Ruger LCP! I've got the Crimson Trace Laser Grip for it as well.
    Im guilty too. im taking mine in the woods this weekend. I have an LCP also. great pistol. My wife takes it all the time though. Must be a hint. I got her one for X-mas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lukem View Post
    Thanks for the heads up. Maybe I'll get that for him for Christmas! lol
    It takes the (small) size........

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    Yes, opened it early. Saiga-12 before the price goes up again.

    P.S. December 15, 2010. Happy Bill of Rights Day !!!

    Without the Bill of Rights, I wonder if we could celebrate Christmas at all...

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    My wife is getting a Seacamp .32 and I am getting an FNP-9. At least if the FNP-9 makes it by Christmas. FNH offers a really good deal to NRA Instructors on their guns.

    Also I am getting a Crimson Trace Laser for my PPK/S.

    I guess Santa thinks we have been good this year.

  10. Found a really nice used Beretta 92FS, 9mm for my Christmas present....


  11. STSArms AR-15

    Well, since I don't have anybody to buy me shooting toys, I went all out and purchased a fabulous ceramic coated AR-15 from STS Arms LLC. | Advanced Ceramic Performance Systems | for myself! What a beautiful military grade rifle and it shoots like a dream! With a nice selection of colors (it will cost you more for Black, because Ron doesn't like black!) I chose the Dark Earth and am planning on camouflaging it with 'Pacific NW Conifer Camo' of my own design. It will truly be 'one of a kind'. Will post pics when it's done.
    After researching endless ARs, I'm so glad my shooting coach recommended this one, as it is one first class rifle. The ceramic coating is the key to enhancing the physical performance of your weapon so you know it will not fail and will have superior environmental resistance.
    If you're in the market for a top quality choice in ARs, I highly recommend this exceptional rifle!

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