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Thread: Guns for Christmas?

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    Wife bought me a nice Stoeger Cougar 40 S&W. (Got it a little early, cause I picked it out) We are getting three of our boys (35, 33 and 22 year olds) Kel-Tec P11's. (This is what I have been carring at least until I find a comfortable rig for the Cougar. Can't wait for Christmas day Merry Christmas to All........................
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  3. My dad bought me a Sig P226 Tactical.... Can't wait to shoot it.

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    Christmas 2010

    I will pick up the gift i brought myself. It's a taurus PT-145 45cal. I had a chance to pay just 325.00 new. I will be at the range with it friday the 24th of december 2010. I wish you all a happy and safe holiday. Carry On.

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    Wink It's not for me!

    My darling wife picked out her christmas present a while back. It's a CZ75 P01 9mm. She wouldn't let me give it to het until christmas. I also ordered her a CBST with combat cut to go with it. I hope the holster gets here in time.

    Then trickle-down gun-o-nomics will occur. She is handing down her Taurus 92 to my soon to be 21 year old son, along with the CBST that goes with it. I'm giving him a CCH class for christmas.
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    Getting? I always seem to be giving. This year;

    Wife - Colt Mustang
    Son - Metro Arms American Classic II
    Step Son - M-Howa 1500 .308
    Brother-in-Law - 1927 Ithaca/LeFever Nitro Special, 20 gauge, SxS
    Sister-in-Law - Ruger 10/22 Carbine

    With any luck I'll get a Brownells cleaning mat. If I'm really lucky there'll be a Davis P-380 under the tree.

  7. I need a Christmas suggestion for my son. He's in Officer training for the Marine Corps and graduates from University next year. What would be a good first choice for him? My gun is a Glock 21 but maybe there is something better for him to perfect? Also he's a leftie, does that make any difference?

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    Get him (essentially) what he'll train with. Yes the safety/decocker is ambidextrous.

    Beretta M9, Marine Ltd. 9mm w/case & Holster : Semi-auto at

  9. Since I recently acquired my CWP I asked for a Kel-Tec PF-9, and Santa (wife) delivered. Yes it was early. However I will wrap it and put it under the tree on Christmas Eve.

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    Taurus 44C "Tracker" 4" .44 mag for Christmas
    CZ 75 B Stainless Steel 9mm for New Year's
    IOK-47-C With Wood Stock 7.62x39mm for Valentine's Day
    Springfield XDM 3.8" with Tritium Night Sights 9mm for St. Paddy's Day
    And lot's & lot's of ammo for Easter

    Yep...that about covers it!

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    Had a great day at the Eastman show last Saturday with my son and nephew at the North Atlanta Trade Center, filling my Christmas list. For myself a Glock 29 fitted with a Viridian C5L (more goodies on the way from Lone Wolf), for the wife a S&W Bodyguard 380 in a Recluse holster, for my son who will get his GFL in April the Taurus Judge Public Defender (handed-down from my wife replaced by the BG 380 above), and for my daughter a Beretta U22. Merry Christmas indeed! BTW... Saw lots of guns and ammo leave the shelves and tables, but not one report of violence, a very polite crowd - Big Daddy Claus.

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