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Thread: What if you saw a Law Enforcement Officer in Trouble?

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    Again, depending upon the situation: If the Officer was in uniform, I would have to call 911 and render whatever assistance seemed appropriate at the specific time and place.

    However, if the Officer was in plainclothes, whom do you believe? Then, a call to 911 seems like the only answer.

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    I would offer the same amount of help to a LEO as I would to any other human being. The fact that he has a uniform on would not stop me from helping him however it would cause me to be a little more careful on what kind of help I offered. It would be much like the difference in trying to break up a fight between two boys and between two girls. Boy fights are no problem usually, girl fights will get you hurt.

  4. I'll answers in this way...

    If the officer is alone and backup is not around and i can defend the LEO, First and for most is to be a good witness..Call for aid if the LEO is injured..
    Get the LEO out of harms way...
    Would i use my Sidearm to defend my self or Him/Her yes. If there is intent to do great Bodly harm, you have the right to defend ones self,or someone that is in harms way.

    Just Beacuse they wearing a badge, doesnt mean you should not help if you can.

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    In NYS it is a misdemeanor to refuse to help a LEO if he requests your help.

    My first inclination is to yell "officer do you need help?" If he says yes I'm "in."

  6. Quote Originally Posted by BC1 View Post
    In NYS it is a misdemeanor to refuse to help a LEO if he requests your help.

    My first inclination is to yell "officer do you need help?" If he says yes I'm "in."
    Whether it's against the law or not, to help a police officer in distress is irrelavant to me - I will do all that is within my ability to help the officer.

    After dialing 911, anyone who is clearly not a BG, in or out of uniform is worthy of help from any citizen capable of rendering aid, within the limits of the law. The operative condition here, which can sometimes be difficult to determine - especially if the officer is plainclothed - is determining who the BG really is. Fortunately, in most cases that's clear.

    Although there are officers who abuse their power, still, the police officer deserves a favorable benefit of a doubt.

    In summary, yes, I'm with BC1 in the above quoted thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucky Dog View Post
    Just call 911 and be a good witness.
    How would you feel when that cop got beaten to death while you just sat there and "witnessed" it. Or better yet, If you called 911 because someone was kicking that crap out of you and the responding officer was scared so until backup arrived he just "witnessed" that? I hope if I'm ever in trouble and need help your not the only one around.

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    Sad but true, call 911 all you anti gunners and sit and wait, I am all in to protect the LEO, anti gunners you can wait for the cops.

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    I know the Chief of Police of our town and a few Deputy Sheriffs. All are super people. The Game Warden was my CCW instructor ~ also super. I think I would help all/any LEOs in trouble if needed.

    If I encountered a gunfight or tussle in which I didn't know who was the good or bad guy I would try to the best of my ability to stay out of the fracas. If that's impossible for my own/family' safety, depends on the situation.

    I'm 67 and have had to draw twice in my lifetime, once to stop a carjacking/robbery on me and the other to stop potentially deadly aggression against my family. Neither time was a shot fired, and in both instances the BG lost interest in what he was doing.

    Now, don't get me wrong, in both cases I was prepared to fire if necessary. Same with protecting someone else if needed, whether LEO or others, 19 out of 20 instances are resolved with NO SHOTS FIRED. (Trying to say "Be Prepared but don't get gun happy!")

    Firing your weapon~ THAT can or will change your life.

    "A free people should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from anyone, including their own government. ~ G. Washington

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    (Trying to say "Be Prepared but don't get gun happy!")
    Ties right in with my feelings when reading a lot of posts. Too many people walk around with a gun looking for an excuse to use it rather than a reason. "If someone is stealing my lawnmower out of my garage can I shoot him or do I have to tell him to stop before I shoot"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ijon View Post
    We just had a woman come to the aid of a highway cop on the news. He stopped a guy. The whole stop went south and the cop was getting the crap beat out of him. Also the person stopped was trying to get the cops weapon. A women stopped and helped beat the guy down. My question is could a person with a concealed permit stop and order the the bad guy off the cop? I'am not trying to be a gung ho, just concerned about another person.
    At the point where I would see one of our LEOs in that sort of need I couldnt care less what the law says or does. Im doing everything in my power to help him stop the criminal assaulting him.
    There is a right thing to do in such a case...in most cases in life. We need to do the RIGHT thing in every situation.

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