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Thread: What if you saw a Law Enforcement Officer in Trouble?

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    I think hatchet 19 is on the right track. the first thing you should do is call 911 stating assisting officer in trouble and give location.

    now you have more help coming and they are aware a civilian is assisting.

    as a fireman we run on medical calls and I've seen it take 3 or more people to control a person strung out on drugs.

    on the other hand I've seen people who are having a diabetic episode become violent. It's not their fault, they have a medical condition and have no idea what there doing when their blood sugar is low, again it took multiple people to control the person.

    I would not hesitate to help, just be smart about what kind of force you use and how you use it.

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    if it was a cop I didn't know.............

    or one I knew was a good egg,yes. In a heartbeat.

    Some of the ones I have had to deal with over the years,HELL NO!

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    We seem to have a few LEO hating a-holes on board. How many of you would help a civilian in danger but would not help an LEO? "Do your research" my a$$. Call 911 and be a good witness? Really? Don't forget to grab your cell phone from your hiding place so that you can post the event on Youtube later. I see those videos posted all the time of old people or women getting brutalized and beaten while crowds gather around to watch the freak show but hey, they were good witnesses right? It was just last September that the 81 year old man got beat to death in Virginia for no other reason then the thug was bragging that the next person he saw he was going to hit. They repeatedly kicked him in the head as he was down. He had just come from his granddaughter's wedding. How many of those kicks would you have watched before turning away and calling 911? I am sure his family would have appreciated your non-involvement and how good of a witness you were. I am familiar with the selfish mentality of some of you posters who claim they would not help someone else in trouble because you carry only to defend yourself and your family. I am not saying people need to be vigilantes but if you stand by while others are being beaten or robbed and you could have safely intervened but didn't because "it is not your problem" then f**k you. Now I am not saying you should go up against 6 armed thugs and put yourself in danger but if you have the ability to stop someone else from being hurt or possibly killed and you instead run and hide then sell your guns because you don't deserve them. Our best bet at survival is to help each other because the police, like 'em or not, will show up just in time to put up the crime scene tape and take pictures of your loved one's body. Oh yea, Merry Christmas.
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  5. The minute the perp went for the weapon. it changed the whole situation. From resisting arrest to a human endangerment. To put it simply, draw weapon observe the fight, punch 911 on the phone place it on the ground. The authority's will find us. I would then threaten deadly force or carry it out. I am a 50 year old fat boy. If anything happens to me. No one is there to help the officer. I am not paid to fight nor put my weapon in a situation to be taken. If I have no weapon on arrival? Then I would scratch and claw for the safety of that officer. He deserves it.

  6. Yes I would. Maybe ask the got if I should shoot him. I think down here in Fla I would be a hero.

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    I would assist, the officer, If no firearm was present, I wouldn't pull mine. I would attempt to get the guy off the officer, and assist any way I can. I would assist with equal force being dished out to the officer. If a firearm was involved, and it was a shootout, I believe, I can honestly answer I'm not sure I would draw my sidearm. Simply because I don't want to confuse the officer he's got enough to focus on. I'd draw if I hear the officer call out for help, most definitely, he at that point is look for assistance.

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    My Thoughts

    I know I'm a little late on this thread but I still want to chime in. When I took my concealed carry class years ago, they cautioned us about using our firearms for anything other than your own personal protection or that of your immediate family. Outside of that, there are so many variables that you don't have enough information. Is there a weapon involved (knife, gun, did the perp get the cops gun etc????) Is it just a drunk or someone drugged up and resisting arrest, no weapon involved? I would tend to lean towards ensuring my safety, my families safety, and then calling 911. When you start 'running' into what may seem as a life threatening situation to 'help' out a LEO or anyone else for that matter, you're not aware of all the pieces to the puzzle. It's sad, but as someone already pointed out, just because they're wearing the uniform doesn't mean their the good guy and the other one in the struggle/fight is the bad guy. You can do what you think is the right thing but in our society, it could come back to bite you in the /\$$.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hornett22 View Post
    or one I knew was a good egg,yes. In a heartbeat.

    Some of the ones I have had to deal with over the years,HELL NO!
    I honestly have to agree with this one

  11. This has been a concern of mine for years. Not only when involving a LEO but in any situation where you may have to unholster your gun. It is very likely that you may be thought to be a BG even by another person carrying concealed. Friendly fire you know what I mean?

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