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    Letter draft to Governor

    Dear Governor Patrick,

    Last month an associate of mine was erecting a structure in a tree in Bridgewater. He fell from the ladder breaking a leg in three places. Last week, a business owner/friend in Scituate was repairing a wind damaged sign at his business. He fell from the ladder onto the sidewalk sustaining severe injuries requiring 911 assistance. Last Saturday, my neighbor while trimming a tree branch fell, he, the ladder, chainsaw, and branch all came over my stockade fence landing in my backyard. Broke four ribs, cuts and bruises.

    I got to thinking, I know a lot more people who own guns than ladders, and none of them have shot themselves this month. I suspect that if everyone was required to take a safety course and purchase a license, like gun owners, we would have fewer if any ladder related injuries.

    I also know two motorcycle riders who were struck by cars while riding. These poor folks are forced into breaking the law by removing the nice quiet factory exhaust pipes and purchasing loud obnoxious after market systems, so cars around them can be aware of their presence, making it safer for them to ride. I also know many more hunters than motorcycle riders, and not one has been shot this hunting season. I was thinking, if ALL motorcycle riders were required to wear 500 square inches of BLAZE ORANGE clothing while riding, like us hunters are required by law to do, they too would have fewer if any traffic accidents.

    It just doesn't seem fair to me that these wonderful safety laws designed and enforced for us in the shooting sports shouldn't be shared with everyone. I mean, these good people deserve to be kept safe as well. I hope you will bring it up to the legislature to fast track new legislation ASAP so everyone in this great commonwealth can enjoy the great care provided to us by our law makers.

    Thank you for your prompt attention to this public safety matter.

    Your loyal constituent,

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