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Thread: When it's not on your hip, where is it? (storage question)

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    My carry weapon (Ruger SR9) is only on my person when I am out of the house. When I am in the house it is hung on a hook on the back of my door. I am always within 10 feet or so of a firearm of some sort when I walk through my house. It is only myself, my wife and our youngest son, who recently returned from Iraq. When the grand kids visit, most all guns will be locked up. My carry weapon will be unloaded and rehung and I will carry the magazine in my pocket.

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    You have a tough issue there.
    The safest place it could be is on your person but I know at night in your PJs watching tv it's rough. In all honesty if she's that afraid I would get a few safes to put in key places. (if you have more than 1 gun even better). Night stand, living room end table, kitchen etc

    You can get these from Harbor freight tools for $109.
    Kids will either be curious or not. I was lucky, I showed my 3 year old my revolver, I let him hold it (unloaded) so he could feel the weight & I told him "this is not a toy, see how heavy it is? Don't ever touch it. His curiosity was settled & he never looked at it again. Until now at 16 he goes to the range with me. I doubt your wife would let that pass as an ideal solution for you so I think for the money, the above will be your best bet.
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    My 9 MM is on the bedside stand, right next to the Double Barrel with 00 Buck.

    On the wife's side is her .357.

    (No kids to worry about.) (If the grandkids here, they're unaccessable.)

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    Hollow out a big book and keep a second gun and a small flashlight in it. Keep it within reach of your bed. Problem solved...
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    On my night stand is a Kimber Eclipse 45acp plus a tactical flashlight,My wifes S&W 638 is on her night stand plus a light,

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    Mostly on my hip. At work I am not allowed to have it in the office so it is locked in my Nano safe that is bolted in my Jeep. As for home when in bed, I have a concealed P90 under my night stand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Instructor_Dennis View Post
    Hollow out a big book and keep a second gun and a small flashlight in it. Keep it within reach of your bed. Problem solved...

    Are you suggesting that he decieve his wife? Not agood plan ever IMO

    See, it's mumbo jumbo like that and skinny little lizards like you thinking they the last dragon that gives Kung Fu a bad name.
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    I store all my guns in the safe except for the one that I carry. It always lays on the nightstand on my side of the bed.

  10. If I ever take it off, I will let you know where I put it :)

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    1.- I would not try to hide the fact from the family members that you have a gun in the house. That will eliminate suprises.
    2.- I would try to start educating the family members in gun safety. take them to the range and let them feel the range, smell it, touch it, make it fun and they will start to like it. fight the fears that they have, but do not puch them.
    3.- When you have that acomplished then you can start bringing the gun stuff to the house, because everyone is confident that they can handle them.

    The problem at your house is your family members lack of confidence with firearms.
    hollow books and hiden lock boxes are cool, but the ultimate solution is confidence to win your family members.

    hope it helps
    Merry Christmas to everyone...!

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