Taking former anti shopping for .22 for his son
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Thread: Taking former anti shopping for .22 for his son

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    Taking former anti shopping for .22 for his son

    I am going out this morning with a guy I know that used to be a total anti gunner from Boston. He now lives here in CO and I took him and his two sons shooting this summer at our cabin and they liked it so much that his son wants a .22 for Christmas this year. We are headed to Cabelas this morning and we will pick out a nice rifle for his first gun purchase. I think his other son wants a bow so we may also pick up some archery equipment for him.

    Should be a fun morning.

    Semper Fi

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    Maybe you can talk him into a shotty for home defense too..... You can never have too many guns....

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    Congrats on the conversion.
    I'm sure they will have many hours of entertainment and education with a rifle.

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    So the shopping trip went well and we ended up buying his son a Ruger 10/22 with synthetic stock and stainless barrel. I don't think we could have done much better for a first rifle, and one that will last his son forever. We also bought a complete archery kit for his other son, compound bow, arrows, arm guard, quiver, targets and also got him a large target for the back yard.

    Those are going to be some happy kids on Saturday.

    Semper Fi

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