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    The Walmart here will sell ammo 24/7 and I'm already friends with the guy behind the counter.. LOL

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    Most of the Walmarts around here close the Sporting Goods counter down at 9pm. When it closes you can't buy firearms or ammo.
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    Northeast Texas Walmarts

    While I have not purchased ammo from Walmart in the last few months, their policy (even at 24 hour stores) was (and probably still is) no ammo purchases after 9 pm.

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    I like to buy the Winchester 9mm luger and 380 at Meijer "love Meijer", really good deal on ammo that has gone bang for me everytime. Of course that may have something to do with owning/shooting Glocks.

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    Rest assured. When China starts shipping cheap crap ammo here by the container load, Walyworld will be pleased to sell it 24/7.

    I went on a similar rant last year when they wouldn't do anything for me on a pair of (and I paid a lot of money) hunting boots which literally fell apart. They said I'd had them over a year, and I explained yes, but I only wear them about five days and packed them away clean and dry. I used to stock pile ammo from there because it was cheap, but now their prices are stupid too.

    I NEVER go there now unless there's no logical alternative. I don't know but I must have missed the part where China became our friend. Some things I seem to really cherish odd as it may sound. My Dodge truck, 172K miles and runs like NEW, my Martin guitar, (my dads was from 1938) Zippo lighter, Redfield rifle scope, and ALL of my guns. Things made in America I know will outlive me and be passed on to people who will cherish them too.
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  7. WalMart

    Our local WalMart here in Fairbanks Alaska has never given me any problem, however, be prepared to be on "candid Camera."

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    I quit shopping at WAL-MART since they announced their "partnership" with the government on the "If you see something tell someone" program. Not because I have anything to hide but asking other shoppers to spy on each other is a bit much, they already have cameras everywhere. All in the name of "protecting" me.

    Bottom line: I refuse to shop where others are encouraged to spy on me and cameras rule. I am a citizen not a suspect, I have committed no crime. I'll spend MY MONEY elsewhere, they are not doing me any favors by letting me walk through their doors.

    It's supply and demand. When Wal-Mart changes their ways of "doing business" then I may consider shopping there.

    Have you seen the "Shoppers of Wal-Mart" photos on the internet? I have and these peoples faces are being posted all over the world. Where they asked for their approval to post these photos? Is that what they mean by "protection?"
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    the only time i have ever had a hard time buying ammo at walmart was my first time buying ammo while open carrying. the guy behind the counter was a [email protected]$$ towards me and refused to sell it to me because he felt uncomfortable giving me ammo while I had a gun. (like I was going to load my gun with this ammo and go shoot the place up, even tho my gun was already loaded.) he said he was calling the cops because open carrying was illegal. (its not here in NC, has never been) he never once told me to leave so i stayed and waited for the cops, but they never came, instead a manager who was also my friend came and told this guy he was wrong and to sell me the ammo. never had a problem since.

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    The walmart up here will sell anytime, Ive never had an issue, then again, most the time I just go there to get my .22 ammo because they have the large value packs, wont EVER buy 40 cal ammo there being they want 70.00 for 100 rounds where I can get 100 rounds for less than 50 else where.
    Stupid policy in some stores prevent them to sell to either anyone openly carrying, suspected of concealed carry, and other times, just because they heard from someone some where they cant sell after a certian time...Never heard that one before, but Im glad you had to brass ones to confront her.
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    Walmart and guns

    I did not realize that Wallyworld quit selling guns. Hmmmm The only thing I have ever looked for is 9mm rounds for my ruger and they are ALWAYS sold out. It is apparent to me that they do not have any intentions of selling anything other than hunting gear so I just go to one of the local gun shops for what I need.

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