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    Walmart did not stop selling guns. If you will take the time to do some research the gun sales issue was on a store by store basis. And it was simply weather or not they were profitable at that particular store.
    We have 2 walmart stores in town, One does sell guns and the other one does not, simply because they did not sell enough to warrant keeping them on display when they could use the room for something that did sell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aosailor View Post
    the only time i have ever had a hard time buying ammo at walmart was my first time buying ammo while open carrying. the guy behind the counter was a [email protected]$$ towards me and refused to sell it to me because he felt uncomfortable giving me ammo while I had a gun. (like I was going to load my gun with this ammo and go shoot the place up, even tho my gun was already loaded.) he said he was calling the cops because open carrying was illegal. (its not here in NC, has never been) he never once told me to leave so i stayed and waited for the cops, but they never came, instead a manager who was also my friend came and told this guy he was wrong and to sell me the ammo. never had a problem since.
    Good for you!

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    Here in northeast Texas, Walmart only sells long guns; no handguns. As for their prices for ammo, I have no complaints. Of course they are frequently out of stock on many types and have a 6 box purchase limit.

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    I purchase ammo at Wally world all the time (when in stock). Since I'm never in the store before 11pm, I assume there is no time restriction. Winchester 45ACP FMJ @ $33 PER 100. $5 cheaper then Cabelas. In N.W. Indiana.
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    Coffee the elixir of life!

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    WallyNut World in Redding, CA has a locked case for their their rifle and handgun ammo. Shotgun shells are out on open shelves. Most of the bullets that I saw were .22s. It used to be a nice place for buying firearms. That ended somewhere around 6-8 years back. Always had a group of people buying at the near 20' counter. Now there are few there at the counter about the size of a good size desk.

    When it comes to catering to the 2A crowd, WallyNut World here in Redding is so PC that it stinks up the town. But what do you expect in Kowlaforeignyah?

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    I'm with Pokey . . . .
    WalMart is for those times when I do not have any other choice.
    I especially prefer a Locally Owned Store . . . .
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    Here in my Massachusetts stores I have figured out if I buy ammo they want me out the door. They just insist on ringing up everything I've got at the ammo counter. Personnelly I love having my own personel check out counter. My wife thinks it's pretty cool too! Comes in handy during Christmas shopping!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ragsflh View Post
    boycott wally world.they took guns out so i go elsewhere
    Not here in southern Missouri they haven't. I was just looking at some very nice sale-priced rifles this evening. The local store had a Howa 1500 bolt action in .243 for about $580 and a Rossi three-barrel set (.243, .22LR, and 12ga.) for $269. I couldn't help thinking that Rossi would make a fine Christmas present for some lucky kid.

    Likewise, I'm mystified by the stories of Wal-mart employees not selling "after dark" or after certain hours. The store here will sell you ammo (assuming they have it) any time you happen to be in there, whether 0300 or 3 in the afternoon.

    I guess it just boils down the the personal prejudices and misconceptions of any given manager or associate.

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    I don't know about late purchases, but my local Wal-Mart here in Phoenix will not sell ammunition before 8:00 AM. This makes absolutely no sense. Early morning Dove hunters are SOL unless they buy the day before. Bill T.

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    Never had an issue purchasing ammo late at night (as late as midnight) at any of the 3 stores my wife likes to go to. She does her shopping, I do mine and never had a limit. Last time I bought ammo I pick up 800 rnds of 9mm & 1000 rnds of .45ACP with no questions asked except ..."is this really that good of a price"?
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