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    Quote Originally Posted by stormrider54 View Post
    I quit shopping at WAL-MART since they announced their "partnership" with the government on the "If you see something tell someone" program. Not because I have anything to hide but asking other shoppers to spy on each other is a bit much, they already have cameras everywhere. All in the name of "protecting" me.

    Bottom line: I refuse to shop where others are encouraged to spy on me and cameras rule. I am a citizen not a suspect, I have committed no crime. I'll spend MY MONEY elsewhere, they are not doing me any favors by letting me walk through their doors.

    It's supply and demand. When Wal-Mart changes their ways of "doing business" then I may consider shopping there.

    Have you seen the "Shoppers of Wal-Mart" photos on the internet? I have and these peoples faces are being posted all over the world. Where they asked for their approval to post these photos? Is that what they mean by "protection?"
    Well, uh, no. This may come as a surprise but those pics on Shopper of Wal-Mart are taken and submitted other customers, not Wal-Mart. Or would you expect Wal-Mart to police the private actions (picture taking) of customers?

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    A matter of fact i just went to my Walmart tonight, right before i went to the range, to shoot my new xmas. gift the taurus Pt 145. I also shoot my glock 19.I go there Walmart on ford road the dearborn Michigan every other week oc'ing no problems. I always have to go walking around the stor first to fine help. Carry On

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    I had issues with Walmart too. The gun dept baby manager would not sell me ammo with my old paper permit. They said I could have written the gun in by myself. I demanded that he get a real manager and then a higher manager before they sold me ammo. They certainly hire some real jerks there.

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