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Thread: I want a free Springfield Armory Coffee Mug

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    I would like a mug, thankyou

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    Alright... just hand over the alkaloid and nobody gets hurt.

    Seriously, I would love to smash my mug with a free mug!
    While many claim to support the right, precious few support the practice.

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    Thumbs up Springfield Armory Coffee Mug??

    Why H*ll yes! I'd surely like a Springfield Armory Coffee Mug!
    The best way to have your morning Joe, and cleaning your XDm!!
    USAF-Ret; NRA Life; CRPA Life; USA Carry Mbr;
    Oath Keepers Chrtr Mbr; USCCA Mbr; HGCA Mbr; Ret Former LEO

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    Talking A must have to add to my collection

    This would be a great addition to my collection of military and firearms mugs. Coffee is clearly my #1 vice - I drink it all day. And, although my wife will say I need another one like a hole in my head, that hasn't stopped me so far!

  6. I WANT THE MUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Show me the mug.

    Mug please

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    free mug

    I would like a mug please.

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    I'd like a mug, too. Thanks, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  10. Hell Yeah

    Mug please.......

  11. I would like a Mug

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